Fire Research Corporation manufactures several instruments, indicators, and displays for use with pumps, storage tanks, and generators.
TankVision TankVision - The TankVision was specifically designed for use in the fire services and is the most accurate way to show the volume of liquid in a tank. It is self calibrating and can be used on any size or shape tank. Nine highly visible ultra-bright LEDs and a dynamic 180° wide view lens make this display easy to see under all conditions.
TachP3 TachP3 - The TachP3 is compatible with electronic engines using the J1939 or ISO11898 CAN data communication protocols. It is a compact multi-function digital display that shows engine RPM, engine oil pressure, engine coolant temperature, and battery voltage.
FROG-D 3P FROG-D 3P - The FROG-D 3P is a compact display for three phase generators rated from 10 to 135 kW. This display shows generator frequency (hertz), line voltage (volts) phase to neutral or phase to phase, and the current flow (amps) on each line. It is available for generators with delta or star windings.
AirSentinel AirSentinel - The AirSentinel is a breathing air warning system designed especially for use on aerial devices. It provides both audible and visual low air warning alarms.
TachPRO TachPRO - The TachPRO is a compact multi-function digital display that shows engine RPM, battery voltage, oil pressure, and coolant temperature. It is compatible with electronic engines using the J1587 databus to provide engine information.
TachPLUS TachPLUS - The TachPLUS digital display panel with 13 combined instruments and hour meters helps to consolidate and save panel space. It is compatible with most electronic engines and receives engine information from the J1587 databus or installed sensors.
FROG-D FROG-D - The FROG-D is a compact display for single phase generators rated from 6 to 45 kW, 120 or 240 volts. It shows generator frequency (hertz), voltage (volts), and the current flow (amps) on two lines. It has a built-in generator hour meter, options for audible alarms, and is available for 50 or 60 Hz generators.

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