Fire Research Corporation manufactures several Class A and Class B foam system controls and displays for use with water pumps.
FoamPro FoamPro Systems - FoamPro offers the ultimate foam proportioning and refill systems for fire apparatus. The flow-based, microprocessor-controlled technology allows concentrate to be delivered on demand. Patented pump controls assure accuracy across the full performance range, saving concentrate and dollars.
AutoFoam TurboFoam System - The TurboFoam is a direct injection foam proportioning system designed around an electric foam concentrate pump. It is available in several models that offer multiple sized pumps, a wide range of foam proportioning capabilities, and a variety of program options.
AutoFoam AutoFoam SC System - The AutoFoamSC is an around-the-pump automatic foam proportioning system that is microprocessor controlled. It will automatically maintain a selected discharge foam percent mixture regardless of discharge water flow fluctuations.
ManualFoam ManualFoam System - The Manual Foam system is an around-the-pump proportioner that is operator controlled. It is proven reliable for high flow operations (50 to 1000 GPM) for both Class A and Class B foam.
TankVision TankVision - The TankVision was specifically designed for use in the fire services and is the most accurate way to show the volume of liquid in a class A foam and class B foam tank. It is self calibrating and can be used on any size or shape tank. Nine highly visible ultra-bright LEDs and a dynamic 180° wide view lens make this display easy to see under all conditions.

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