MANSAVER Safety Bars

The ManSaverô is a safety bar that can be mounted across walk-through openings on pumpers or on the turntable of aerial devices to help prevent an accidental fall.

The ManSaverô is spring loaded so that it always returns to a horizontal position. There are no hooks to latch or harnesses to buckle. This clever design helps insure that the walk-through will always be protected as firefighters do not have to waste time closing or latching anything behind them. To enter, push the ManSaverô in or up. To exit, simply lift it.


  • Constructed with aluminum extrusion and aluminum bronze castings, so it does not rust.
  • Covered with a heavy layer of foam and a tough rip-stop vinyl outer covering.
  • Available from 14" through 36" (even sizes only).
  • Standard bar is provided with bright yellow vinyl cover, red is available at no extra charge.
  • Available with or without covers.
  • Used on Fire Apparatus, Recycling Vehicles, in manufacturing and power plants along catwalks, at Toll Booth plazas.


  • Knuckle is aluminum bronze with stainless 70-4PH pins.
  • Bar itself is of extruded aluminum.
  • Various screws are seated with Locktite 290.
  • Spring mechanism consists of stainless chain and various machined aluminum parts.
  • Padding is closed cell polyurethane foam.
  • Covering is 13 oz. rip stop vinyl, secured to the bar with an epoxy that contains epoxy resins and amine hardners.


Part No Long Description Specs
MANSAVER Safety Bars
MSA110-A14 Safety bar, ManSaver, 14" length, yellow vinyl cover .rtf
MSA110-A16 Safety bar, ManSaver, 16" length, yellow vinyl cover .rtf
MSA110-A18 Safety bar, ManSaver, 18" length, yellow vinyl cover .rtf
MSA110-A20 Safety bar, ManSaver, 20" length, yellow vinyl cover .rtf
MSA110-A22 Safety bar, ManSaver, 22" length, yellow vinyl cover .rtf
MSA110-A24 Safety bar, ManSaver, 24" length, yellow vinyl cover .rtf
MSA110-A26 Safety bar, ManSaver, 26" length, yellow vinyl cover .rtf
MSA110-A28 Safety bar, ManSaver, 28" length, yellow vinyl cover .rtf
MSA110-A30 Safety bar, ManSaver, 30" length, yellow vinyl cover .rtf
MSA110-A32 Safety bar, ManSaver, 32" length, yellow vinyl cover .rtf
MSA110-A34 Safety bar, ManSaver, 34" length, yellow vinyl cover .rtf
MSA110-A36 Safety bar, ManSaver, 36" length, yellow vinyl cover .rtf
MANSAVER Safety Bars - Options
MSAoption-1.125 Safety bar, ManSaver, brckt, rail, 1.125" option N/A
MSAoption-1.25 Safety bar, ManSaver, brckt, rail, 1.25" option .rtf
MSAoption-1.5625 Safety bar, ManSaver, brckt, rail, 1.5625" option N/A
MSAoption-C Safety bar, ManSaver, custom vinyl cover option .rtf
MSAoption-G Safety bar, ManSaver, grey vinyl cover option N/A
MSAoption-LIFT Safety bar, ManSaver, LIFT sticker option N/A
MSAoption-N Safety bar, ManSaver, no vinyl cover option N/A
MSAoption-NOSTEP Safety bar, ManSaver, NOSTEP sticker option N/A
MSAoption-PUSHLIFT Safety bar, ManSaver, PUSHLIFT sticker option N/A
MSAoption-PUSHPULL Safety bar, ManSaver, PUSHPULL sticker option N/A
MSAoption-R Safety bar, ManSaver, red vinyl cover option .rtf
MSAoption-WA Safety bar, ManSaver, angle adjuster, 5 deg option N/A
MSAoption-WB Safety bar, ManSaver, angle adjuster, 10 deg option N/A
MSAoption-WC Safety bar, ManSaver, angle adjuster, 15 deg option N/A
MSAoption-WD Safety bar, ManSaver, angle adjuster, 20 deg option N/A
MSAoption-Y Safety bar, ManSaver, yellow vinyl cover option N/A
Options listed may not be available for all models.


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