Brow Lighting General
SPECTRA LED, FOCUS, EVOLUTION LED, and OPTIMUM lampheads are available with all three FRC Brow mounts.

Complete part numbers for Universal Brow Mounts and Flat Brow Mounts are available directly from the model tables on each product page. (Click on an image below to go the associated product page). A complete FRC part number for a Contour Brow Mount depends on specific information about the cab manufacturer and the cab model. Custom Contoured

The part numbers listed on the various brow pages linked below are not cab specific and are for reference only. Please contact FRC customer service to ensure proper fit to your cab.

Spectra LED Brow Mounts
Spectra Contour Brow Mount
Custom ContouredSPA8XX

Contour Brow Mount
Spectra Universal Brow Mount

Universal Brow Mount
Spectra Flat Brow Mount

Flat Brow Mount
Evolution II LED Brow Mounts
Evolution Contour Brow Mount
Custom ContouredFCA8XX-V15

Contour Brow Mount
Evolution Universal Brow Mount

Universal Brow Mount
Evolution Flat Brow Mount
Flat Brow Mount
Focus Brow Mounts
Focus Contour Brow Mount
Custom ContouredFCA8XX

Contour Brow Mount
Focus Universal Brow Mount

Universal Brow Mount
Focus Flat Brow Mount

Flat Brow Mount