Collins Dynamics FX Series Spot/Flood Lights
Collins FX Light

COLLINS-DYNAMICS brand has been the brightest spotlight on the market for over 25 years and continues to be a recognized leader.

The COLLINS DYNAMICS spotlight incorporates a unique spun aluminum reflector that is polished and vacuum metalized. This process creates a high-quality mirror-like finish that emits a consistent beam focus that produces 30% more light output than sealed beam lamps.

COLLINS DYNAMICS fixtures have single- and dual-stage reflectors that provide high-intensity halogen spot, flood and enhanced flood beam patterns. The body is constructed of black anodized aluminum with a chrome plated reflector housing, and an aluminum switch box; switches are standard. All models are standard 12 volt and, if specified, offered with 24 volt lamps.

Three FX Halogen Models are Available:

Collins Light Pattern FX-6 - Enhanced flood pattern decklight with 7" single stage 40° reflector. Uses 100 watt H-1 lamp. Draws 7.8 amps.
(300,000 cp spot, 125,000 cp flood)

FX-9 - Selectable spot or flood pattern with 7" dual stage reflector. Uses two 100 watt H-2 lamps. Draws 7.8 amps.
(500,000 cp spot, 50,000 cp flood)

FX-12 - Selectable spot or flood pattern with 7" dual stage reflector. Uses a 100 watt H-2 spot lamp, draws 7.8 amps, and a 55 watt H-2 flood lamp, draws 4.2 amps.
(750,000 cp spot, 5,000 cp flood)

One FX HID Model is Available:

FX-3 - Fully encapsulated housing ensures water and elements stay out. Uses a 12 volt, 35 watt Xenon HID (High Intensity Discharge) bulb and draws 3.5 amps.

Three Collins Handheld Models are Available:

Reliable high-intensity light using halogen or HID bulbs. Available as spot or combination spot/flood scene lighting.

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