Accumax Fury & Fusion

The new fully automatic AccuMax Fury proportioning system brings the most advanced technology and innovation to the industry’s easiest to use “big water” foam system for industrial applications – all with pinpoint accuracy.

Controls incorporate a large 3.5″ (89 mm) LCD display, in wide contrast, for ease of reading in daytime / bright sunlight and nighttime modes. The intuitive operator interface, customizable on-screen discharge name/number and discharge color matching rain guards make foam system operation simple to manage. The custom high-tactile feedback keypad makes push-button operation easier than ever.

The Fury model is described in more detail in the linked document: Fury Specifications (PDF, 281KB)

Another industry first, combining all of the Accumax Fury and Apex valve controls into one compact display head! The operator now has foam proportioning and discharge valve control all at their fingertips on one control.

In addition to the foam system performance, discharge pressure, flow and valve position are also displayed. The “Fusion” of these high-tech controls saves significant panel real estate versus that required by dedicated controls and discharge gauges while making operation even easier.

Each control has a large 3.5″ (89 mm) LCD sunlight readable display in wide contrast for ease of reading in daytime and nighttime mode.

The Fusion model is described in more detail in the linked document: Fusion Specifications (PDF, 294KB)