AccuMax Fury & Fusion

System Components

The new fully automatic AccuMax Fury proportioning system brings the most advanced technology and innovation to the industry’s easiest to use “Big Water” foam system for industrial applications – all with pinpoint accuracy. Two models are available: the Fury for standard proportioning control and the Fusion for those wishing to save even more panel space by incorporating Elkhart Brass electric discharge valve control into one operator interface.

System Diagram

System Features and Benefits

  • Fully automatic – on demand
  • Up to fifteen individual discharge controls
  • Choice of percentage at each discharge
  • Multi-point, discharge side injection
  • No in-line restrictions, greater flow
  • Unmatched accuracy over the widest range of flow
  • Leading the industry in proven reliability
  • Calibrate and test without mixing concentrate
  • Increased safety
  • Unlimited apparatus placement
  • Delivers up to 300 GPM (1,136 LPM)
  • Injection pressure to 300 PSI (20 BAR)
  • Achieves full pump capacity with all known Class B concentrates
  • Excellent draft capability for off-board supply
  • The system communicates using Safe Fleet’s SafeLink™ CAN bus network
  • 2-year limited warranty

Control Module Features

  • Crisp Vivid Impact™ LCD readout
  • Injection percentage from 0.1% to 25.0%
  • Diagnostic modes
  • Compact and space saving
  • Discharge valve control – AccuMax Fusion
  • Displays real-time information:
  • Concentrate Level
  • Water flow rate
  • Foam flow rate
  • Total water used
  • Injection percentage
  • Total concentrate used
  • Individual pressure readings – AccuMax Fusion
  • Discharge valve position – AccuMax Fusion

Line Control Injector

The Line Control Injector in the AccuMax system controls the foam injection rates based on the operator’s chosen injection percentage and the discharge water flow.

  • Required on each foam capable discharge
  • High Flow Range – custom cut-ball foam metering valves deliver the widest range of foam flow for every size injector with pinpoint accuracy
  • System capable of 1-15 individual line controls
  • 4 sizes to accommodate all flow requirements
  • Magnetic foam flowmeter and microprocessor-controlled foam metering valve
  • Water flowmeter is electrically connected locally at the foam metering valve for simplified installation

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