AccuMax Single-Point Injection

3000sysThe AccuMax Single-Point Injection series is available in six models with the main difference being capacity. All are hydraulically-driven and incorporate an Edwards rotary gear pump. System components include a microprocessor control/display unit, instruction placard, hydraulic control block, pump and motor assembly, load-sensing hydraulic pump, filters, strainer, foam injection check valve, complete shielded cable set and RFI/EMI suppression kit.

Other features include:

  • Provides fully automatic foam proportioning, regardless of changes in flow or pressure
  • Provides discharge side injection: no foam goes through the fire pump
  • Convenient, push-button operation makes it the easiest system to use
  • No in-line restrictions
  • Delivers unmatched accuracy over the widest range of flows
  • Installs easily in new or existing apparatus
  • Leads the industry with proven reliability
  • Achieves full pump capacity with all known Class B concentrates

Control module features:

  • Ultra-bright LED digital readout
  • Injection percentage from 0.1% to 10.0%
  • Displays separate totals for each foam concentrate
  • Low concentrate warning
  • Water flow rate
  • Total water used
  • Percent of foam concentrate
  • Total concentrate used

Options available:

  • MultiFlo
  • Remote Start/Stop
  • Advanced Feature Controller


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