Class A and/or B Foam: 3012 Series

3012sysExtreme Class A and Class B firefighting power is at your fingertips with the FoamPro 3012 proportioner. This versatile system delivers unmatched, supercharged performance with concentrate flow from 0.1 to 12.0 gpm at 0-400 psi, all from a single pump. High-drafting capabilities allow off-board pickup for foam operations or tank refill, which is crucial for high flow situations or when changing concentrates. Unlike other pump designs that may pause in flow during operation, the pump’s triplex plungers are timed to discharge one after the other, delivering smooth, continuous injection. New, hydraulic pump-drive technology produces immediate response from minimum flow to full capacity. The system includes the same industry-proven, ultra-bright LED digital display used on other FoamPro 2000 and 3000 series proportioners.

Other features include:

  • Easy to use
  • Industry’s highest capacity Class A/B system
  • Variable displacement hydraulic pump
  • Achieves full pump capacity with all known Class A and Class B concentrates

Control module features:

  • Ultra-bright LED digital readout
  • Injection percentage from 0.1% to 10.0%
  • Displays separate totals for each foam concentrate
  • Low concentrate warning
  • Water flow rate
  • Total water used
  • Percent of foam concentrate
  • Total concentrate used
  • Dual foam capability and calibration

Options available:

  • Concentrate Management Systems
  • MultiFlo
  • Remote Start/Stop
  • Advanced Feature Controller
  • Dual-Injection Selector


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