Truck-Mounted System

Powerfill_TruckThe system operates by attaching a suction hose to a pre-plumbed panel connection using a cam-lock fitting. The pick-up wand is then placed in the concentrate container. The operator simply pushes a button to engage the 12 or 24-volt pumping system, which automatically fills and stops when the tank is full. An indicator light notifies the operator that the operation is complete. Even though the system recognizes a full cell, the manual override feature will engage the concentrate pump momentarily, allowing the operator to fully empty the container. System is equipped with fresh water-flush capabilities.

System includes:

  • High-capacity concentrate pump
  • Continuous-duty 12 or 24-volt motor
  • Electronic microprocessor control
  • Flush valve
  • Indicator lights
  • Panel plates
  • Stainless fittings and cap
  • 1″ concentrate pick-up wand
  • Check valves
  • 6′ of one inch hard suction hose with wand

Combined Features and Benefits:

  • Increased firefighter safety
  • Saves time for team members
  • Indicators provide system status
  • Conveniently-mounted connections and controls
  • Easily handles all concentrates
  • Automatic system incorporates flush mode
  • Compatible with all size totes and containers
  • System reliability from a proven industry leader

Note: Apparatus with multiple concentrate cells require a pumping system for each tank.