Regardless of the additive, FoamPro offers the ultimate proportioning system for your new or retrofit apparatus. Numerous models and options are designed to meet unique requirements as encountered in municipal, wildland, marine, industrial, ARFF and CAFS applications.

FoamPro systems provide fully-automatic foam proportioning, regardless of changes in flow or pressure. At the push of a button, our technology reads water flow and automatically injects to your desired setting. With concentrate capacities to 300 gpm and choices of single- or multi-point injection, FoamPro has the ultimate foam management system for all applications.


At the push of a button, FoamPro is the easiest system to use. The advanced microprocessor manages the complete system and instructs the concentrate pump to supply exact amounts of foam – automatically and on demand. In the heat of a battle, it is one less thing for the operator to monitor.

Unmatched Accuracy

FoamPro systems are the most accurate proportioners on the market, within 5% or less! Unlike other proportioning technologies, FoamPro’s patented pump control means you are assured of unmatched accuracy across the full performance range; eliminating needless waste of concentrate and dollars. Older mechanical based systems can be difficult to maintain accurate proportioning rates, especially throughout the entire flow range. To compensate, they proportion on the rich side to meet performance requirements. In contrast, FoamPro incorporates advanced microprocessor control technology that provides extremely accurate water flow measurement and precise foam injection. This pinpoint accuracy is maintained from minimum to maximum discharge, greatly reducing concentrate usage, cost and logistical operations to resupply.


Renowned for its reliability, FoamPro has proven itself since 1989 in the harshest conditions on fire grounds worldwide. To assure quality and compliance, only FoamPro requires system designs to be subjected to intense third-party testing. Stringent electronic emission control is verified according to MIL-STD 461E. Designs are then put to grueling SAE and U.S. military specifications by independent evaluators for heavy-use, off-road mobile apparatus. All FoamPro systems meet or exceed National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards.