Wildland Products

Picture1FoamPro’s line of Wildland products lead the industry with proven reliability and accuracy, while providing fully-automatic foam proportioning, regardless of changes in flow or pressure. At the push of a button, our patented flow-based, microprocessor-driven technology reads water flow and automatically injects to your desired setting.

Our product lines include foam proportioners as well as ultra-high pressure systems with built in proportioners.

1600 Series
The 1600 series proportioning systems are specifically designed for Class A foam operations. The compact system features fully automatic foam proportioning, regardless of changes in flow or pressure, and delivers unmatched accuracy over the entire flow range. Proportioning is continuous with no need to stop for foam tank refill. The panel-mounted control module provides simple operation at the flip of a switch and offers easy selection of foam percentage.

NEW – FoamPro Models 1600 & 1601 are now capable of quickly pulling concentrate 3 feet allowing for increased mounting and installation flexibility.

Turbo Stream® Ultra-High Pressure Foam System

Compact and self-contained, the Turbo Stream produces high energy firefighting power with ease and precision. Driven by an exclusive PowerPro™ brand 13 HP gas engine, precise high pressure foam solution delivers rapid knockdown.

While other systems use inaccurate suction side eductors, the Turbo Stream incorporates a patented foam concentrate injector system. The control module allows the operator to choose injection rates, from 0.3% to 3.0%, with unmatched accuracy, exceeding NFPA 1901 requirements.

Other Common Wildland Products:

2000 Series – This series provides fully automatic foam proportioning, regardless of changes in flow or pressure, and offers convenient, push-button operation, making it the easiest system to use.

POWER-FILL Systems – FoamPro, the industry leader in foam proportioning systems, offers two refill systems that make the perfect accessory to complete foam operations on your apparatus. The Power-Fill is an electronically-controlled, pre-plumbed, self-priming, concentrate refill system that will save you time and increase the safety of your firefighters. With the simple push of a button or switch, our refill systems quickly reload on-board foam cells without messy spillage. Most importantly, Power-Fill safely eliminates awkward and strenuous lifting of concentrate containers and allows easier transfer from totes.