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July 15th, 2008

Posts appear here in reverse chronological order (the most recent posts at the top). You can simply scroll down to read them, or select something of interest from the navigation menus at left. Commenting is enabled, so if you would like to share your opinion look for a comment box after each post. However, comments must be approved by FRC staff before they will appear.

Safe Fleet Fire, EMS, and Industrial New Hire

July 21st, 2020

Safe Fleet Fire, EMS, and Industrial ( FRC, FoamPro, Elkhart Brass, ROM ) is excited to announce the addition of Deron Stambaugh as Vice President of Global Fire/EMS Sales. In his role, Deron will be responsible for the leadership of the Fire/EMS sales team, developing new business opportunities, and expanding into new markets and geographies. Deron has extensive experience in both executive sales leadership and product development. Most recently, Deron served in a senior sales leadership position at Diehl Controls where he led a team that helped grow global OEM customers’ businesses. Prior to Diehl Controls, Deron led a global business development group at Flex Inc. Deron holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from DePaul University and has been granted 6 U.S. patents as part of his product design and development work throughout his career.

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Rig Recon Episode 4: Beat The Heat

July 8th, 2020

A little known secret is that heat is the enemy of LED lighting fixtures. Heat buildup lowers the output over time and decreases their life spans. It also has an impact on raw lumens versus effective lumens. Have a watch of our latest episode and be sure to understand if your fixture is made for the long haul.

Rig Recon Episode 3: Bending Light To Your Will

June 10th, 2020

When it comes to scene lighting optics and lens design, this is where engineering and attention to detail separates what is available out in the market. Learn how we bend light to give the most effective scene lighting out there. Be sure to follow Rig Recon for more info on rig spec ideas and product information.

BENDING LIGHT TO YOUR WILL…When it comes to scene lighting optics and lens design, this is where engineering and attention to detail separates what is available out in the market. In this episode we talk about reflection versus refraction, and how bending the light to where you want it can offer wide and even coverage. ‘Blare and Glare’ can waste a lot of light output, and a well-designed lens offers more than just protection from the elements, it distributes light uniformly even straight down giving you workable light across the entire scene.

Rig Recon Episode 2: You’re Getting Cooler…

June 2nd, 2020

You’re Getting Cooler… Follow Rig Recon!

In this week’s episode we go even deeper on scene lighting. Specifically, why we don’t put Edison style light bulbs on our rigs! Learn a bit about color temperature and why it matters for creating effective scene lighting!

Rig Recon Episode 1: What the Lux?

June 2nd, 2020

Are you following Rig Recon yet?

A street level approach to rig spec starts with breaking the big things down. The first big thing we are going to tackle is scene lighting. In our first episode of Rig Recon we bring you “What the Lux?” where we first have to get some baseline info clear like what is the difference between Lumens and Lux.

Look for more to follow with things like color temperature for making the scene effective, and optics so you get even light disbursement without blinding oncoming traffic and operating crews.