First snow day in 30 years?

March 3rd, 2009

FRC almost *never* closes for snow! At least we never did when the shop foreman used to be the plow guy! But now since his Bronco sits rusting in the parking lot and we have to pay a “professional” to plow us out… FRC actually had to close down for the Nor’easter this past weekend. Neocles thinks this is the first time we’ve closed since 1978! In all seriousness we might have closed anyway – many employees live in eastern Suffolk which got the brunt of the storm, in some places with drifts over 2 feet high. With a thick blanket of ice under the road surfaces, travel was treacherous. Here’s a shot of the facility after we’d gotten mostly dug out. FRC didn’t get as much snow as some parts of Long Island.
FRC after the snowstorm

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