FRC Technical News 2010

March 19th, 2010

The latest edition of our Technical News is on its way to the post office! If you’re on our list of over 30,000 Fire Departments and Ambulance Services you should be receiving your free copy of our always informative publication soon!

Inside this issue:

  • New NFPA requirements and specifications for vehicle data recorders.
  • An inside look at pump testing requirements.
  • Get some tips about factory inspections, acceptance, and training from Bill Peters.
  • Ron Moore’s article entitled ‘The Challenge of Advanced Steel at Vehicle Rescue Scenes‘ examines some new vehicle construction and the impact to traditional rescue cutting tools.
  • Read about the importance of fire pump location when specifying new apparatus.
  • Last but not least you’ll also get the very latest information about Fire Research products!

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Captain Andy Stromfeld Says:

Is the article Specifying and Purchasing Fire Apparatus by Bill Peters available anywhere? I missed it and if possible I would a copy of it.

Thank you,

Captain Andy Stromfeld

admin Says:

Yes, here’s how I found it: I clicked on the “commentary articles” link in the Categories section, and clicked the “Older Posts” link at the bottom of the page that came up. We’ll look into making these easier to find in the future (you’re not the first to ask). Here’s a direct link:

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