New FROG D for 3 phase generators!

November 24th, 2010

The FDA700 has been released to replace the FDA300 series Generator Displays for Three Phase. Some color coding on the display face has been added to make the device easier to read and operate, but the main improvements in the new model have to do with making installation and service easier.

In the FDA300 series all sensor connections had to made at the back of the display which meant installers had to run (usually long) sensor cables from the distribution panel all the way to wherever the display was mounted for each sensor. The FDA700 comes with a separate signal interface module which can be remotely mounted closer to the sensors and transformers. While the new series is actually programmable, FRC offers the device pre-programmed to ease ordering. Installers should be aware that field programming is possible in the case of a customer change order or for replacement purposes.

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