LittleGuy – The Robotic Fire Apparatus

October 7th, 2011

A battery powered, self-contained, radio controlled, track driven motor vehicle. It will fit through almost any 32 inch doorway. It can climb over debris and even up a few stairs. It will be capable of holding and laying 800 to 1,000 feet of 5 inch fire hose.

The deck gun has a 1,000 GPM Elkhart radio controlled monitor. The cart section has a self-contained remote quick disconnect to eliminate any hang-up problems in case the vehicle has to be returned to the starting position.

The 400 lbs weight includes lighting, infrared sensors, a self protection nozzle, and HAZMAT detection. A cutting system will also be added which will add a few lbs.

The unit is designed to be picked up and placed on a roof by rated aerial platform.

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