Having trouble downloading a manual?

June 11th, 2012

We’ve had some reports that folks are having trouble getting manuals downloaded from our site. Clicking the link for a PDF brings down just a little of the file and then stops. We think we’ve tracked down the problem, but don’t have a solution just yet. Our servers run some rather complex code to block hacking and denial of service attacks, and for some reason some legitimate users of our site are getting flagged as suspicious and the security system cuts off the download. The problem seems to be happening mainly to users of Internet Explorer (versions 8 and 9), although that might just be because IE is so popular. If you have Firefox or Chrome installed you can try using that instead.

Please let us know if you’re having a problem by sending us a note (see below). We’ll be happy to email you whatever information you need as we try to work around these security issues.

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admin Says:

Just an update on this issue: we know whats causing this to happen now, but don’t have a good solution for it. Our servers have some security features which deny access to browsers that look like hackers, and if you are having this problem, thats what your browser (Internet Explorer) looks like to our server. We have some really smart folks looking at the issue, but for now all we can offer is that if you’re not able to download a manual, try to do so from another machine or using a different browser (we like Firefox but to each his own).

clark graham Says:

need calibration directions for a tankvision

thank you

admin Says:

Clark, I’ve passed your request on to the service team – expect an email from them soon!

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