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Barney Loughlin, FRC friend, has passed away

Monday, May 1st, 2017

It is with great sadness that FRC informs you that a long time friend of FRC, Bernard (Barney) M. Loughlin, has passed away. Barney was one of the Great Generation, a World War II veteran, a 74 year member of his local fire department and proud of his Irish heritage. Barney was so much more than these simple facts to a great many people but here we’ll try to relate his history with FRC which goes back to the very first Fire Research product advertised in 1968.

At that time Barney, a Sayville firefighter, was struggling to establish a printing business. One of his projects was a monthly magazine aimed at volunteer firefighters called Smoky. Barney once joked later that Smoky didn’t have much of a chance to succeed given that many firefighters of that time couldn’t read. The magazine was well written and covered a wide range of topics relevant to the fire service from recent fires to legislative actions and of course it included advertisements by local businesses.

Jack McLoughlin, the founder of Fire Research (and no relation to Barney) was working to establish Fire Research and was operating out of his basement. He called up Barney to place an ad for one of his new inventions in the next issue of Smoky. Neither of them wanting the other to know how meager their respective businesses were at the time they each happily agreed to meet at a diner in Barney’s town of Sayville, NY. That meeting at the diner wouldn’t be the last as Jack and Barney formed a friendship which would continue for nearly 50 years.

The very first advertisement for a Fire Research product appeared in the July, 1968 issue of Smoky for a Fire Research Preconnect Sensor and is prominently displayed on the back page of the magazine. This wasn’t the only Fire Research product in that issue, either. While it isn’t credited to Fire Research, there is an extensive article in the issue about a pump simulator then just installed at the local fire training academy which is easily recognized as an early Fire Research product. A last connection to Fire Research is found in the back of the magazine as an advertisement for an MC Products (yes, the “MC” is from McLoughlin) water level gauge which you might not have known was also invented by Jack.

Barney was also an inventor in his own right and as a volunteer firefighter he was driven to invent devices that would make that vocation safer. His Ladder Beacon and Safety Beacon were strobe lights designed to be mounted on a ladder tip or used to spike or chock open a door and provide a means of signalling the location of the exit. Barney attended fire shows for many years demonstrating his devices and often shared booth space (and occassionally a hotel room!) with Fire Research. Fire Research engineering was involved in some of the re-designs of his products over the years, and Fire Research technicians and assemblers were sometimes involved in their production.

Hearing his name today, most folks who knew him will immediately think of Loughlin Vineyard. What many once considered a folly became a viable business over the years. During the period of the vineyard’s humble beginnings Fire Research’s company picnic was held there. Nate remembers giving the kids tractor rides on Barney’s Ford 8N and some may remember Barney’s horse and donkey (both now buried near the barn). Barney and Jack later collaborated for several years on a special Fire Research wine which many in the industry may remember as bottles of it were often given out around Christmas time. Many Fire Research employees fondly remember helping Barney pick grapes around harvest time.

Attached find a copy of an article about the vineyard which ran in the New York Times Sunday June 26, 1994
and Barney’s obituary in Newsday, Sunday, April 30, 2017 pg. A15



After 20 years Al Schuster, machinist, retires

Friday, April 21st, 2017

Al Schuster’s 20+ years of employment at FRC was celebrated at his retirement party yesterday. Al ran a lot of the older manual machines for milling and lathe work which at one time were a more critical portion of production. As most of FRC’s production has shifted over the years to CNC machining, we still kept Al very busy with prototyping and special piece jobs. Al’s son Greg was in attendance at the party (another former FRC employee!) and many employees shared stories of days gone by like how Al used to bring fresh bread from his local bakery one day a week. Al is pictured below with Shop Foreman Mike Felice and he hopes to continue in his role as Fire Police with his local FD.

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LED Upgrade Offer extended!

Thursday, March 16th, 2017

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New Additions to our Sales Team!

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

Ron Truhler, VP of Sales – Emergency Division, announced effectively immediately the following new additions to the Safe Fleet Emergency & Industrial Sales team. “These new members will be focused on the Emergency market customer development and sales growth for Elkhart Brass, ROM, FoamPro & FRC with responsibilities within their respective territories. As outlined below, each brings a great deal of unique industry experience (both sales and end-user perspective) that will support their efforts.”


Rick Fix Announces Retirement

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

NESCONSET, NY (April 26, 2016)

RickFixRick Fix, Divisional Vice President of National Sales for the Safe Fleet Emergency & Industrial group, has announced his retirement effective April 15, 2016.

Toh Meng, Senior Vice President of the group stated “Rick’s departure marks the end of an era for our organization. His expertise in selling and his guidance has enabled us to continue to provide the best service to our customers”

Meng added “Rick has been an integral part of the company for the last 14 years. He will always be remembered as the hardworking, dedicated, and friendly person. Rick is very passionate about the Fire and Emergency industry he served, especially the products he sold and how they are able to make the operation safer for the fire and emergency responders”.

Rick was very active within the NFPA community, helping the organization with new safety standard recommendations. Rick is also a long time active participant in FAMA (Fire Apparatus Manufacturers’ Association) where he dedicated his time to make the fire service better and safer.

On behalf of the entire Safe Fleet organization, we would like to thank Rick for the many years of service and extend our gratitude for his contributions; he will be greatly missed. We all wish him the very best, good health and happiness as he moves on to the next chapter of his life.

Effective immediately, please direct inquiries to your regional sales manager or service representative for prompt attention. Any questions, please call 816.293.9040 or email