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Did SANDY affect FRC?

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

FRC is located well inland and did not sustain any damage due to the recent storm. We did lose electric and phones for two days but we are up and running and have scheduled overtime *to ensure that deliveries are not impacted*. We appreciate all the good wishes!

Power was restored to FRC late on Oct 31st. Some internal computer systems suffered damage but those have been replaced and operations were in full swing by 1pm Nov 1st. Some employees are still without power in their homes or without telephone service and gas lines have been a hassle. Our main phone lines were out (including our fax line) for another day or two though we were able to operate on backup lines during that time.

from Google’s Crisis Map for Sandy

Having trouble downloading a manual?

Monday, June 11th, 2012

We’ve had some reports that folks are having trouble getting manuals downloaded from our site. Clicking the link for a PDF brings down just a little of the file and then stops. We think we’ve tracked down the problem, but don’t have a solution just yet. Our servers run some rather complex code to block hacking and denial of service attacks, and for some reason some legitimate users of our site are getting flagged as suspicious and the security system cuts off the download. The problem seems to be happening mainly to users of Internet Explorer (versions 8 and 9), although that might just be because IE is so popular. If you have Firefox or Chrome installed you can try using that instead.

Please let us know if you’re having a problem by sending us a note (see below). We’ll be happy to email you whatever information you need as we try to work around these security issues.

New IETM [2010 v01] available

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

The latest IETM (Interactive Electronic Technical Manual) for 2010 [Version 01] is now available. Read about what’s new in the IETM, or run it live over the web on the IETM page. This version is a minor update which includes our new Emergency Lighting video and the latest LED lighting catalog. There are no new manuals provided in this release.

FRC Technical News 2010

Friday, March 19th, 2010

The latest edition of our Technical News is on its way to the post office! If you’re on our list of over 30,000 Fire Departments and Ambulance Services you should be receiving your free copy of our always informative publication soon!

Inside this issue:

  • New NFPA requirements and specifications for vehicle data recorders.
  • An inside look at pump testing requirements.
  • Get some tips about factory inspections, acceptance, and training from Bill Peters.
  • Ron Moore’s article entitled ‘The Challenge of Advanced Steel at Vehicle Rescue Scenes‘ examines some new vehicle construction and the impact to traditional rescue cutting tools.
  • Read about the importance of fire pump location when specifying new apparatus.
  • Last but not least you’ll also get the very latest information about Fire Research products!

New IETM [2009 v03] available

Friday, August 28th, 2009

The latest IETM (Interactive Electronic Technical Manual) for 2009 [Version 03] is now available. Read about what’s new in the IETM, or run it live over the web on the IETM page. This version includes new PumpBoss IETM, a short interactive for our new Seat Monitor and Data Acquisition system, and the latest catalog PDFs.