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Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals

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Interactive Manuals IETMs (Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals) are available for many FRC products. An IETM is a program which can be used to familiarize a user with a control device. Many people find that an interactive, “hands on” experience gives them a better understanding of how they may actually use a product. Using the IETM, a user interacts with the program using the computer mouse in response to various audible and visual on-screen prompts in order to learn how the device functions “by doing”. This is a fantastic way to learn, but please note:

The IETM is not a replacement for the standard product manual.

In addition to the standard product interactives, FRC has also included two general overview programs for midship and PTO pump operation which may be of use to our customers as a training aid. Even if you aren’t interested in FRC products, you might find these sections of interest.

Launch the IETM here
Click to launch IETM

Click here or on the image at right to launch

  • note: Catalogs for Lighting and Electronics linked inside the IETM are now out of date. Please see the catalogs page for updated catalogs!
  • IETMs are not available for all FRC products

Macromedia Flash Player version 9 is required to view the IETM. The IETM launches in a new window which requires javascript to be enabled. You may also need to configure your browser to allow pop-ups from

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