Safe Fleet United Against Bullying Campaign



In July 2015, Fire Research Corp joined the United Against Bullying (UAB) program – the national social campaign of Safe Fleet, the leading provider of safety solutions for fleet vehicles. The program’s goal is to offer school communities tools, resources, and funding to support their best initiatives against bullying and empower young people to stand up against abusive behavior.

So, join us to end bullying! Together we can achieve more!


In North America, every day 160,000 teens skip school because they are afraid of being intimidated. Nearly one in three school children experience bullying between grades six and ten. The problem is so serious and real that it can be solved only by combined effort with communities, volunteers, associations, groups, law enforcement, and others.

To help create safer and more respectful environment for young people, the team of Fire Research Corp joined the United Against Bullying program. We strongly believe that every small action or step contributes to a big change in our society.

Visit our official campaign web site to find the tools, resources, and even funding to help you organize your anti-bullying events and campaigns.