Fire Research Corporation manufactures several pressure governors, generator governors, and remote throttles with multiple combinations of displays for use where remote engine control and monitoring is needed.
PumpBoss Max PumpBoss Max - The PumpBoss Max is a redesign and update to the classic PumpBoss with a new Vivid Impact LCD display and custom Graphic User Interface which delivers real-time, detailed pump and engine information.
PumpBoss PumpBoss - The PumpBoss pressure governor combines full engine status displays including check and stop engine indicators, RPM, oil pressure, temperature, and battery voltage while providing control in both pressure and RPM modes of operation. The PumpBoss 200 series retains the configuration of the original PumpBoss with the use of a single 300 PSI pressure sensor for monitoring and maintaining discharge pump pressure. The PumpBoss 400 series uses two 600 PSI pressure sensors; one for pump discharge and one for pump intake to provide improved defense against pump cavitations.
TGA400 TGA300 The InControl 300 series uses push buttons to adjust pressure and RPM settings. The InControl 400 series uses the FRC hand throttle style control knob to adjust pressure and RPM settings. The two new INControl pressure governors use the J1939 CAN bus for engine information and control.
PRO-T PRO-T - The Traditional PRO governor with the latest Technology. Fire Research has designed the next generation of PRO pressure governor, the PRO-T. The PRO-T was designed to provide customers familiar and trained on either the PRO or PRO-S, a pressure governor that they know and trust, with the addition of the latest FRC technology and safety.
TotalControl TotalControl - Fire Research remains committed to designing quality, state-of-art products for the fire and emergency service industry. This is evident with the release of our newest pressure governor system the Total Control. The Total Control is a complete pressure governor, engine monitor and master pressure display all built into a single panel mount display.
ThrottleXcel ThrottleXcel - The ThrottleXcel integrates a next generation remote engine throttle with a display and monitoring system. It combines a built-in Infinity remote hand throttle, large RPM display, color coded LED displays for engine oil, engine coolant temperature, transmission temperature, and battery voltage, and provides audible and visual warnings in real time. RPM adjustments are made by turning the large control knob.
FROG FROG - This FROG (Frequency Regulation of Generator) governor will regulate the output frequency of PTO driven generators. It provides a constant display of generator frequency (hertz), voltage (volts), and the current flow (amps) on two lines. It has a built-in generator hour meter, over speed protection, and internal safety interlock.

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