Hawk Software

The HAWK Data Management Software package is a component of FRC's Seat Monitor and Data Acquisition System. It is provided on CD and is used to interface with that system's VDR; to retrieve, store, and display recorded data; as well as create reports based on that data.

HAWK Data Management Software Package Components

All components are provided on the HAWK Software installation CD.

  • HAWK Software program (for Windows)
  • Wireless Interface Module Driver (included with HAWK Software).
  • Microsoft® .NET Framework 3.5
  • Microsoft® SQL Server 2008 Express Edition.

Get the Latest Version

Check the version you are running by choosing Help | About in the software. To upgrade HAWK, uninstall the old version in Control Panel | Add Remove Programs first. To register your Hawk software, please view this page with a desktop browser and the form should appear below.

Current Version Effective Date Notes
Hawk 4.20
Jul 16, 2013 Official release - minor bug fixes, supports 12 seat USB based VDR, runs under Windows 8, x86 and x64.
Hawk 4.08
Mar 13, 2012 Official release - bug fixes, supports watchdog module, 6 seat USB VDR. Runs under XP, Vista, Win7 (32bit, 64 bit), now SQL 2008 Express.
Hawk 3.20 Jan 5, 2011 Unofficial release - bug fixes and interface improvements.
Hawk 1.59 Oct 20, 2009 2nd Release - bug fixes important for OEM installers only. Endusers need not upgrade.
Hawk 1.58 Jul 20, 2009 Initial Release

Register Your Software

Use this form to register your Hawk software. Your name will added to our list so we may contact you in the case of important updates. Click the SEND button when ready.

Fill in the current software version you have installed. You can find this information by choosing Help | About in Hawk:
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