inView TrueSight (Wireless System)

The inView TrueSight™ wireless camera systems are available in 1or 2 camera configurations. Wireless systems are a great option for upgrading video on an existing apparatus, or for use in aerial applications where running a video wire is not practical. A transmitter can connect to any one of our cameras allowing it to wirelessly connect to any monitor with RCA inputs. Simply plug the camera into the transmitter and the receiver into the monitor and the two will communicate wirelessly!

  • Perfect for New or Retrofit Installations.
  • Heavy-Duty, Waterproof Cameras with Infrared LEDs for Nighttime Visibility
  • Up to 2 Cameras plus options


  • Full or Split Screen Wireless Monitor
    • 7" TFT LCD Color with Super Sharp Display
    • Accommodates one or two cameras in real time
    • Full or Split-screen Mode
    • Built-in Speakers & on-dash backlit buttons
  • 130° Rear View Wireless Back Up Camera
    • 2.1mm Sharp ® Color CCD Camera
    • High Quality Image with no Blind Spots
    • 9 Infrared LEDs for night time visibility up to 50'
    • Anti-Vibration / Waterproof for severe conditions
    • Wireless Transmitter
  • 120° Side View Wireless Camera
    • Sharp ® Color CCD Camera
    • 9 Infrared LEDs for night time visibility up to 30'
    • Mounts flush or using Mounting Bracket


  • 7" Rear View Mirror Monitor
  • Large 10" In-cab Monitor
  • 7" Waterproof Monitor on Panel
  • Wireless Proximity Sensor with Display


Part No Long Description Specs
inView TrueSight (Wireless System)
BCA211-A00 Video, TRUESIGHT, Wireless,1 Cam,1 Monitor .rtf
BCA221-A00 Video, TRUESIGHT, Wireless,2 Cam,1 Monitor .rtf
inView TrueSight - Wireless 1 Camera Options
BCA21option-PX1 Video, TRUESIGHT, Wireless Sensor Proximity W/Display N/A
inView TrueSight - Wireless 2 Camera Options
BCA22option-PX1 Video, TRUESIGHT, Wireless Sensor Proximity W/Display N/A
Options listed may not be available for all models.

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