EVOLUTION II LED Twist-Lock Top Mount Pull/Up Poles

The Top Mount Pull-Up pole is sometimes called a Thru-the-Deck Top Raise pole. It is excellent for mounting above the pump or non-weatherproof equipment compartments. The pole is raised from the top by pulling up from above the mounting flange. When the pole is in the down position the inner (extension) tube will be inside the compartment.

A square flange (model 510C) and a 3" square flange (model 510E) for mounting in a 3" extrusion are available. Note: The mounting flange is not weatherproof and may seep water, for a weatherproof flange on a top mount telescopic pole refer to the 512 Thru-the-Roof series poles.


Part No Long Description Specs
EVOLUTION II LED Twist-Lock Top Mount Pull/Up Poles
FCA510-V11 LED Scenelgt, EVOLUTION II, DC 11k lm, TM, pl/up .rtf
FCA510-V20 LED Scenelgt, EVOLUTION II, DC 20k lm, TM, pl/up .rtf
FCA510C-V11 LED Scenelgt, EVOLUTION II, DC 11k lm, TM pl/up sq flng .rtf
FCA510C-V20 LED Scenelgt, EVOLUTION II, DC 20k lm, TM pl/up sq flng .rtf
FCA510E-V11 LED Scenelgt, EVOLUTION II, DC 11k lm, TM, sq 3" flange .rtf
FCA510E-V20 LED Scenelgt, EVOLUTION II, DC 20k lm, TM, sq 3" flange .rtf
FCC510option-SW Scenelgt, Twist-Lock, hazard switch, FCB510, option N/A
FCC512option-SW Scenelgt, Twist-Lock, hazard switch, FCB512, option N/A
FCC530option-SW Scenelgt, Twist-Lock, hazard switch, FCB530, option N/A
FCC540option-SW Scenelgt, Twist-Lock, hazard switch, FCB540, option N/A
FCCoption-6F3 Scenelgt, Twist-Lock, Tripod mounting bracket option N/A
FCCoption-6F3D Scenelgt, Twist-Lock, mntg brckt, tripod, dual release N/A
FCCoption-B Scenelgt, Twist-Lock, brckt, SM, 5", option N/A
FCCoption-C Scenelgt, Twist-Lock, brckt, SM, 7", option N/A
FCCoption-CL Scenelgt, Twist-Lock, pole, cust length, add10%, option N/A
FCCoption-F Scenelgt, Twist-Lock, brckt, flush mnt, option N/A
FCCoption-G Scenelgt, Evolution, wire guard, opt (STD on 6xx, 7xx) N/A
FCCoption-NS Scenelgt, Twist-Lock, no scratch kit, option N/A
FCCoption-ON Scenelgt, Evolution, on/off switch, under lamphead, opt N/A
FCCoption-P1 Scenelgt, Evolution, NEMA 5-15 straight (addl) N/A
FCCoption-P2 Scenelgt, Evolution, NEMA L5-20 3prong option N/A
FCCoption-P3 Scenelgt, Evolution, NEMA L5-15 3prong (STD on tripod) N/A
FCCoption-P4 Scenelgt, Evolution, NEMA L14-30 twist plug option N/A
FCCoption-P5 Scenelgt, Evolution, Fire Power plug option N/A
FCCoption-P6 Scenelgt, Evolution, NEMA L6-20 twist plug option N/A
FCCoption-P7 Scenelgt, Evolution, NEMA L6-30 twist plug option N/A
FCCoption-SR Scenelgt, Twist-Lock, brckt, steady rest, option N/A
FCCoption-ST Scenelgt, Twist-Lock, 10" outer pole, option N/A
FCCoption-TW Scenelgt, Twist-Lock, ext cord retractile, top, option N/A
Options listed may not be available for all models.