INSIGHT Portable Flow & Pressure Testers

The FTA500 Portable Flow and Pressure Tester has the same capabilities as the FTA400 Portable FlowTester (except the totalizer function) with the added feature that it will measure static pressure. The tester is designed around a modified FRC INSIGHT digital flowmeter with a push button to read pressure. It has a paddlewheel type flow sensor and pressure sensor mounted in the flow tube.

An optional pitot pressure pick-up can be included with the flow tube to allow the Flow and Pressure Tester to read higher flow rates.

fta500 flow tube

The flow tube is shown with an optional pitot pressure pick-up installed with the pressure sensor.

fta500 flow tube


Part No Long Description Specs
INSIGHT Portable Flow & Pressure Testers
FTA500-000 Flow & Press, InSight, port, GPM/PSI, display box only .rtf
FTA500-015 Flow & Press, InSight, port, 1.5", 13-320G, 2.5" swivel .rtf
FTA500-020 Flow & Press, InSight, port, 2.0", 21-520G, 2.5" swivel .rtf
FTA500-025 Flow & Press, InSight, port, 2.5", 30-850G, 2.5" swivel .rtf
FTA500-030 Flow & Press, InSight, port, 3", 40-1380G, NPT male .rtf
FTA500-040 Flow & Press, InSight, port, 4", 80-2300G, NPT male .rtf
INSIGHT Portable - Options
FTAoption-B1 Flowmeter, DC Power cable, option .rtf
FTAoption-F1 Flow sensor w/ITT conn option N/A
FTAoption-PF1 Flowmeter, Flow & Press, flow tube PITOT FITTING option N/A
FTAoption-SC1 Flowmeter, No-Tube - 4" Saddle Clamp option N/A
FTAoption-V240 Flowmeter, 240VAC charger option .rtf
Options listed may not be available for all models.