MAGNAFIRE 5.5" Flush Recessed Mount 10deg

MAGNAFIRE flush recessed lights can be mounted into the exterior vehicle wall for applications where side mounted poles or fixed mounts are not practical.

The KR-2300 and KR-3100 series fixtures require a 5 1/2" deep recess. The lamphead is positioned at a 10° downward angle.


Part No Long Description Specs
MAGNAFIRE 5.5" Flush Recessed Mount 10deg
KR-2336 Scenelgt, Magnafire3000, 750W, 120V, rcsd 5.5d, 10deg .rtf
KR-2337 Scenelgt, Magnafire3000, 750W, 240V, rcsd 5.5d, 10deg .rtf
KR-3155 Scenelgt, Magnafire5000, 500W, 120V, rcsd 5.5d, 10deg .rtf
KR-3156 Scenelgt, Magnafire5000, 750W, 120V, rcsd 5.5d, 10deg .rtf
KR-3157 Scenelgt, Magnafire5000, 750W, 240V, rcsd 5.5d, 10deg .rtf
KRoption-DM Scenelgt,Magnafire, pole mnt, KR-700 Series .rtf
KRoption-DM-W7 Scenelgt,Magnafire, pole mnt, KR-700 Series, 7" N/A
KRoption-GG Scenelgt,Magnafire, wire guard .rtf
KRoption-HD Scenelgt,Magnafire, Hold Down, KR-700 Series .rtf
KRoption-I Scenelgt, Magnafire, hazard switch .rtf
KRoption-NCW Scenelgt,Magnafire, non-concealed wire option .rtf
KRoption-R Scenelgt,Magnafire, brckt, receiver, 2"& 4" .rtf
KRoption-R7 Scenelgt,Magnafire, brckt, receiver, 7" N/A
KRoption-S Scenelgt,Magnafire, on/off switch .rtf
KRoption-W1 Scenelgt,Magnafire, brckt, SM, 1.5" .rtf
KRoption-W1P Scenelgt,Magnafire, brckt, SM, 1.5" w/ 0.5" Plate .rtf
KRoption-W2 Scenelgt,Magnafire, brckt, SM, 2" .rtf
KRoption-W2P Scenelgt,Magnafire, brckt, SM, 2" w/ 0.5" Plate .rtf
KRoption-W4P Scenelgt,Magnafire, brckt, SM, 4" w/ 0.5" Plate .rtf
KRoption-W7 Scenelgt,Magnafire, brckt, SM, 7" .rtf
KRoption-W7P Scenelgt,Magnafire, brckt, SM, 7" w/ 0.5" Plate .rtf
Options listed may not be available for all models.