MAGNAFIRE lampheads can be ordered without a mount. An adjustable mounting arm allows the lamphead to pivot up and down. The arm has 3/4" NPT threads for installing the lamphead onto a lighting fixture. The three wires for power extend out the bottom of the mounting arm.

The MAGNAFIRE lamphead comes with a T3 style quartz halogen bulb that is mounted in front of a mirror polished reflector for optimum efficiency.


Part No Long Description Specs
KR-35 Scenelgt, Magnafire3000, 500W, 120V, Lamphead .rtf
KR-36 Scenelgt, Magnafire3000, 750W, 120V, Lamphead .rtf
KR-37 Scenelgt, Magnafire3000, 750W, 240V, Lamphead .rtf
KR-3B Scenelgt, Magnafire3000, 1000W, 240V, Lamphead .rtf
KR-3D Scenelgt, Magnafire3000, 1500W, 240V, Lamphead .rtf
KR-55 Scenelgt, Magnafire5000, 500W, 120V, Lamphead .rtf
KR-56 Scenelgt, Magnafire5000, 750W, 120V, Lamphead .rtf
KR-57 Scenelgt, Magnafire5000, 750W, 240V, Lamphead .rtf
KRoption-DM Scenelgt,Magnafire, pole mnt, KR-700 Series .rtf
KRoption-DM-W7 Scenelgt,Magnafire, pole mnt, KR-700 Series, 7" N/A
KRoption-GG Scenelgt,Magnafire, wire guard .rtf
KRoption-HD Scenelgt,Magnafire, Hold Down, KR-700 Series .rtf
KRoption-I Scenelgt, Magnafire, hazard switch .rtf
KRoption-NCW Scenelgt,Magnafire, non-concealed wire option .rtf
KRoption-R Scenelgt,Magnafire, brckt, receiver, 2"& 4" .rtf
KRoption-R7 Scenelgt,Magnafire, brckt, receiver, 7" N/A
KRoption-S Scenelgt,Magnafire, on/off switch .rtf
KRoption-W1 Scenelgt,Magnafire, brckt, SM, 1.5" .rtf
KRoption-W1P Scenelgt,Magnafire, brckt, SM, 1.5" w/ 0.5" Plate .rtf
KRoption-W2 Scenelgt,Magnafire, brckt, SM, 2" .rtf
KRoption-W2P Scenelgt,Magnafire, brckt, SM, 2" w/ 0.5" Plate .rtf
KRoption-W4P Scenelgt,Magnafire, brckt, SM, 4" w/ 0.5" Plate .rtf
KRoption-W7 Scenelgt,Magnafire, brckt, SM, 7" .rtf
KRoption-W7P Scenelgt,Magnafire, brckt, SM, 7" w/ 0.5" Plate .rtf
Options listed may not be available for all models.