Bulbs FOCUS and OPTIMUM Lampheads

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Part No Long Description Specs
Bulbs FOCUS and OPTIMUM Lampheads
LB-D30 Bulb, 150W12V, quartz, D30 (ea) - (dual bulb systems) N/A
LB-DT0 Bulb, 250W12V, PAR36, DT N/A
LB-E15 Bulb, 150W24V HID N/A
LB-E70 Bulb, 70W24V HID N/A
LB-H15 Bulb, 150W12V HID N/A
LB-H30 Bulb, 300W24V, quartz N/A
LB-H70 Bulb, 70W12V HID N/A
LB-M10 Bulb, 1000W120V, quartz N/A
LB-M12 Bulb, 1000W240V, quartz N/A
LB-M15 Bulb, 1500W240V, quartz N/A
LB-S30 Bulb, 300W120V, quartz N/A
LB-S50 Bulb, 500W120V, quartz N/A
LB-S75 Bulb, 750W120V, quartz N/A
Bulbs COLLINS Lampheads
CD-H1100W Bulb, 100W12V, H-1, FX N/A
CD-H155W12 Bulb, 55W12V, H-1, FX N/A
CD-H170W24 Bulb, 70W24V, H-1, FX N/A
CD-H2100W Bulb, 100W12V, H-2, FX N/A
CD-H255W12 Bulb, 55W12V, H-2, FX N/A
CD-H270W24 Bulb, 70W24V, H-2, FX N/A
CD-H3100W Bulb, 100W12V, H-3, FX N/A
CD-H355W12 Bulb, 55W12V, H-3, FX N/A
Options listed may not be available for all models.