inView Guardian (RECORD)


The FRC, Powered by SEON, inView Guardian DVR and Video system provides apparatus owners with a new level of protection for potentially expensive liability exposure. In the event of an accident, you have accurate video evidence documenting the scene, which protects you from the potential of false insurance claims.


The inView Guardian Captures both video and telematics data. Four long range cameras are used to provide a large area of video coverage of what is happening around the vehicle. The front camera is a HD camera providing excellent zoom capabilities to capture clear license plate information. This helps ensure you capture events leading up to any accident. In addition, video, speed, location and date/time information are captured through GPS and internal clock. The G-Force sensor captures impacts and hard breaking information and all the data is stored on an internal memory which can be downloaded for PC viewing.

Package Includes

  • (1) Trooper DVR - Video & GPS recording
  • (1) Front - HD progressive scan camera
  • (1) Rear - Day / night 650 TVL camera
  • (2) Side - Day / night 650 TVL camera

Customize the system to your needs:

The inView Guardian offers a number of accessory options including powerful data management software for easily access, search and archive your DVR data. Wifi capability is also available for automatic downloading of DVR data when an apparatus returns to the station. Create custom searches by alerts such as hard breaking, excessive vehicle speed, impact, or Geo-fencing (vehicle outside of designated location). See InView Catalog for more information and easy ordering guide.


Part No Long Description Specs
inView Guardian (RECORD)
SNA250-A00 Video, Guardian, inView Guardian kit .rtf
inView Guardian - Options
SNA002-B10 Video, Guardian, Smart Reach Wireless Bridge .rtf
SNA002-B20 Video, Guardian, Smart Reach Wireless Access Point .rtf
SNA003-B20 Video, Guardian, V-Max Commander sw, 5 user lic. .rtf
SNA004-B10 Video, Guardian, V-Max View Kit, HDD-DOCK sta. .rtf
Options listed may not be available for all models.

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