inView DS2 (Driver Safety System)

The inView DS2 (an acronym for "Driver Safety 2" two camera system) combines high-definition video recording, vehicle telematics and operating data to produce a compact, economical driver and vehicle monitoring system with no recurring fees.

DS2 is a pre-configured package that comes with several components that are designed to work together and is not configurable. A high-definition (HD) camera captures the road ahead while a second HD camera ensures driver and passenger safety. A built in LED indicator gives drivers instant feedback to correct unsafe habits immediately. Configurable alarms and contiuous or event based recording. Unlike most two-camera dash cam systems, the second camera in the DS2 package is remote mountable, so it offers some choice for mounting location.


  • High Quality Video and Telematics Data Combined
    • 2 high definition cameras with multi channel video & audio, vehicle speed and location, path travelled and driver behavior all on one screen.
  • Commercial Grade Hardware - Built tough with commercial grade hardware, solid state recording and intuitive video player.
  • Safety Monitoring
    • Built in G-force sensor records driving events such as harsh braking or high speed turning.
    • DS2 offers an ODBII input so it can record vehicle speed and tach info.
    • A built-in GPS provides physical location and date/time information.
  • Easy Event Exporting Self playing video with nothing to install make exported events easy to share.
  • Recording to secure 32 gb SD card (up to 256 gb)
  • Includes DS2 Viewing software
  • Simple to Install
DS2 Viewing software
Simple to install


Part No Long Description Specs
inView DS2 (Driver Safety System)
SNB300-A00 Video,DS2, kit 2 Cam Driver Safety System 32GB N/A
inView DS (Driver Safety System)
SNB310-A00 Video,DS1, kit 1 Cam Driver Safety System 32GB N/A
Options listed may not be available for all models.

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