The Fire Research TotalControl pressure governor and all-in-one instrument panel uses state of the art programmable microprocessor technology. Measuring only 7.5 by 6 inches the TotalControl offers pump discharge and pump intake displays, pump pressure or RPM control, and remote engine displays. It will maintain a steady pump discharge pressure by controlling engine speed or hold a selected engine RPM. It offers complete engine control and remote display in a single compact unit.

The TotalControl operates in one of two modes, pressure or RPM. In pressure mode the TotalControl maintains a constant pump discharge pressure. The discharge pressure is monitored and compared to the selected pressure setting, the engine RPM is varied to keep the discharge pressure at the selected setting. In RPM mode the TotalControl maintains a constant engine RPM. The pump discharge pressure is monitored and can vary but, as a safety feature it will be limited to an increase of 30 PSI. If the discharge pressure increases 30 PSI the governor will automatically lower the engine RPM to prevent a high pressure surge.

The TCA100 Series uses push buttons to adjust pressure and RPM settings.


  • J1939 CAN Bus for Engine Information and Control
  • Power Up in Pressure Mode
  • Automatic Regulation of Pump Discharge Pressure
  • Manual Control of Pressure or Engine RPM Settings
  • Programmable Presets
  • Diagnostic Capabilities
  • No Pressure or RPM Variation When Changing Modes
  • Limits Increase of Pressure When in RPM Mode
  • Recognition of No Water Condition with Automatic Response
  • Interlock Signal Recognition with Throttle Ready LED
  • Return to Engine Idle with the Push of a Button
  • Displays and LEDs Automatically Adjust for Day or Night Operation
  • kPa and °C Option


Part No Long Description Specs
TCA100-A00 Pres gov, TOTAL CONTROL, Generic, PSI, 12V .rtf
TCA101-D00 Pres gov, TOTAL CONTROL, Cummins J1939, PSI, 12V .rtf
TCA102-C00 Pres gov, TOTAL CONTROL, DDEC J1939, PSI, 12V .rtf
TCA104-C00 Pres gov, TOTAL CONTROL, Nav-MaxxF 11 & 13 J1939, PSI .rtf
TCA104-D00 Pres gov, TOTAL CONTROL, Nav-MaxxForce, PSI, 12V .rtf
TCA105-B00 Pres gov, TOTAL CONTROL, Cat J1939, PSI, 12V .rtf
TCA106-C00 Pres gov, TOTAL CONTROL, Ford 6.7L, PSI, 12V, 2011+ .rtf
TCA107-B00 Pres gov, TOTAL CONTROL, Mack J1939, PSI, 12V .rtf
TCA108-B40 Pres gov, TOTAL CONTROL, Scania PRT, kPa 24V .rtf
TCA108-B50 Pres gov, TOTAL CONTROL, Scania PRT, Bar 24V .rtf
TCA110-D00 Pres gov, TOTAL CONTROL, Merc J1939, PSI, 12V .rtf
TCA116-D00 Pres gov, TOTAL CONTROL, John Deere J1939, PSI, 12V N/A
TCA124-A00 Pres gov, TOTAL CONTROL, MAN, PSI, 12V N/A
TCA202-A00 Pres gov, TOTAL CONTROL 200, DDEC J1587 .rtf
TCAoption-JM1 Pres gov, TOTAL CONTROL, Interm. Ford 6C opt., 2011-16 .rtf
TCAoption-JM2 Pres gov, TOTAL CONTROL, Interm. Ford 6C opt., 2017-up .rtf
Options listed may not be available for all models.