The TACHPRO is an all-in-one instrument with integrated monitoring and display capabilities that offers audible and visual alarms. It will take the clutter out of the instrument panel while providing the operator with useful engine information.

The TACHPRO has a 4-digit LED display for engine RPM, and three LED bar graph displays that show the engine oil pressure, engine coolant temperature, and battery voltage. It also has a removable memory module that stores the pump operating hours.

For a digital display with expanded monitoring functions see the TACHPLUS from FRC.

Primary Display

  • Engine RPM is shown in bright red LEDs with digits larger than ½" (0.56").
  • Oil Pressure display is shown on a vertical bar graph in 10 psi increments.
  • Engine Coolant Temperature is shown on vertical bar graph in 10° increments.
  • Battery Voltage is shown on a horizontal bar graph in 0.5 volt increments.

Secondary Display

  • Pump Hours are accessed by pressing the SILENCE button for two seconds. The TachPRO stores the pump hour data in a non-volatile, transferable memory module. This means that the pump hours will be written to memory and maintained there even without power for extended periods of time, and that the module can be retained for use with another TACHPRO display should it ever need to be serviced or replaced.


The TACHPRO provides both Visual and Audible Warnings if engine parameters go out of specified norms. For some of the functions, the TACHPRO not only displays the information, it also watches for anything out of the ordinary. If the engine parameter being monitored rises higher or drops lower than some preset value, the TACHPRO will warn the operator about it by flashing a message in the Message Broadcast window and (optionally) sounding an audible alarm. The messages are very clear as to the nature of the problem (ex: LOW OIL or PUMP OVERHEAT). The following warnings are provided:

  • Battery Warning when voltage drops below 11.8 volts or rises above 15.6 volts when engine is running or below 11.5 when engine is not running. The audible warning is a continuous tone.
  • Low Oil Pressure Warning Less than 8 psi, the audible warning is a continuous tone.
  • High Engine Temperature Warning Greater than 220° for a visual and 230° for an audible, the audible is a continuous tone.
  • SILENCE button temporarily cancels audible (not visual) warnings.


Part No Long Description Specs
TPA300-A00 Engine display, TachPRO, elec engine J1587 .rtf
TPA320-A00 Engine display, TachPRO, elec engine, J1587 w/oil snsor .rtf
Options listed may not be available for all models.

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