The TACHPLUS is an all-in-one instrument with integrated monitoring and display capabilities that saves valuable panel space. It combines up to thirteen (13) different instruments in one waterproof unit and provides both audible and visual warnings if specified engine parameters go out of norm.

The TACHPLUS is an easy-to-read multi-function digital engine monitoring display that is a scaled up version of FRCs TACHPRO. (Click on the link at the bottom of the page for information on the TACHPRO.)

The TACHPLUS is available for both electronic and non-electronic engines.

Primary Display

  • Engine RPM is shown in bright red LEDs with digits larger than ½" (0.56").
  • Oil Pressure is shown on a vertical bar graph in 10 psi increments.
  • Engine Coolant Temperature is shown on a vertical bar graph in 10° increments.
  • Battery Voltage is shown in the message display during normal operation in 0.1 volt increments.

Secondary Display

  • Accumulated Engine Hours
  • Accumulated Pump Operating Hours
  • Current (Real Time) Incident Hours (Incident time is saved as Last Incident Hours when power to the unit is shut off.)
  • Last Incident Hours
  • Accumulated Generator Hours
  • Accumulated Aerial Hours
  • Intake Manifold Temperature (For electronic engines only.)
  • Optional Fuel Level Display and Monitoring
  • Optional Pump Overheat Monitoring
  • Optional Transmission Temperature (For electronic engines only.)


The TACHPLUS provides both audible and visual warnings if engine parameters go out of specified norms. For some of the functions, the TACHPLUS not only displays the information, it also watches for anything out of the ordinary. If the engine parameter being monitored rises higher or drops lower than some preset value, the TACHPLUS will warn the operator by flashing a message in the Message Broadcast window and (optionally) sounding an audible alarm. The messages are very clear as to the nature of the problem (ex: LOW OIL or PUMP OVERHEAT). The following warnings are provided:

  • Battery Warning When voltage drops below 11.8 volts or rises above 15.6 volts when engine is running or below 11.5 when engine is not running. The audible warning is a continuous tone.
  • Low Oil Pressure Warning Less than 8 psi, the audible warning is a continuous tone.
  • High Engine Temperature Warning Greater than 220° for a visual and 230° for an audible, the audible is a continuous tone.
  • Fuel Level Warning Less than 25% of tank, the audible warning is a dual burst.
  • There is an audible chirp on Pump Engaged.
  • SILENCE button temporarily cancels audible (not visual) warnings.


Part No Long Description Specs
TPA400-A00 Engine display, TachPLUS, J1587 elec engine .rtf
TPA406-B00 Engine display, TachPLUS, Ford 6.0L / 6.4L .rtf
TPA420-A00 Engine display, TachPLUS, J1587 w/oil pressure sensor .rtf
TPA450-A00 Engine display, TachPLUS, non elec, oil pres, cool sens .rtf
TPAoption-G1 Engine display, TachPLUS, generator engaged option .rtf
TPAoption-K12 Engine display, TachPLUS, fuel sig, low voltage amp N/A
TPAoption-K13 Engine display, TachPLUS, fuel sig, PWM cond. N/A
TPAoption-Q1 Engine display, TachPLUS, pump overheat, 1 lead .rtf
TPAoption-T1 Engine display, TachPLUS, sensor, transmission temp .rtf
Options listed may not be available for all models.

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