Seat Monitor System Components

The Seat Monitor and Data Aquisition system requires several components to function. This page will offer a brief overview only. Please refer to the system manuals for a complete description of how these parts all work together to provide a complete solution.

Vehicle Data Recorder (VDR)

The VDR is the brain of the system. Waterproof, and installed permanently in your vehicle, it logs and time stamps information required by the system. Most of this information can be obtained over a simple connection to the vehicle's J1939 databus, but connections to sensors or switches on the seats and seatbelts provide some of the data.

The USB port on the 6-seat VDR allows it to be connected directly to a computer running HAWK software and is used to upload stored data into the HAWK database.

The vehicle data recorder records the following data once per second and stores it in a 48 hour loop:

  • Vehicle Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Deceleration
  • Engine Speed
  • Engine Throttle Position
  • ABS Event
  • Seat Occupied Status
  • Seat Belt Status
  • Master Optical Warning Device Switch
  • Time
  • Date
Additionally, the VDR records the following data once per minute and has enough memory to store it for 100 engine hours:
  • Maximum Vehicle Speed
  • Maximum Acceleration
  • Maximum Deceleration
  • Maximum Engine Speed
  • Maximum Engine Throttle Position
  • ABS Event
  • Seat Occupied with Seat Belt Unbuckled
  • Master Optical Warning Device Switch
  • Time
  • Date
Stored data is password protected and can be downloaded from the VDR via USB. VDR data retrieved in this manner can be viewed and analyzed with FRC's HAWK Software.

HAWK Software

HAWK Software stores data retrieved from the VDR in a relational database, provides the means to manage users and vehicles with VDRs, provides graphical displays of the stored data, and allows users to produce formatted reports of that data. HAWK software can manage data from many different vehicles in a fleet.

Register your software or look for updates on the HAWK Software page.


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