The inView Series offers Visibility Safety Solutions.

The inView series of video, recording and telematics incorporates state-of-the-art technology for emergency apparatus. Our unique, customizable packages deliver increased safety, provide protection from potential liabilities and offer advanced vehicle tracking capabilities. FRC offers unmatched video options, from single camera systems to 360° bird's-eye view, recording, and automatic data download via wifi or live cellular viewing. Make sure your apparatus is equipped with inView’s state-of-the-art safety technology. Your Safety. Our Mission.


  • Safety
  • Liability Protection
  • Asset Protection
  • Choose inView to more easily navigate tight roads.
  • Safely back up into narrow parking bays.
  • Make maneuvering into compact parking spaces easier.
SNA100 inView-360 inView 360™ - Increases visibility surrounding the apparatus providing the operator with a 360° bird's-eye view. In addition, the split screen monitor also displays one of four individual camera views automatically, dependent on driving operation; front, right, left or reverse.
SNB200 inView-Guardian inView Guardian™ - Provides complete video and data recording capabilities while also offering vehicle tracking via GPS and event marking. Video are provided through four high definition cameras located on each side of the apparatus. Video downloads can be viewed via software by manually removing storage devices or automatically through wifi capabilities and options.
SNA300 inView DS2 inView DS2 - Compact and cost effective two camera vehicle event recording device designed to capture video through a forward facing camera and additional interior camera for driver/passenger safety. Robust construction of commercial-grade hardware and solid-state recording yet small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Intuitive video playback software included.
inView TrueSight (Wired) inView TrueSight (Wired) - For increased visibility, blind spots are eliminated with this wired camera video system. Allows flexible configurations that can be set up from 1 – 4 cameras (including front/rear and side views), and multiple LCD monitors. Monitors can be set for either full screen or Quad View, which allows for viewing up to four cameras at once.
inView TrueSight (Wireless) inView TrueSight (Wireless) - Wireless camera systems will boost driver visibility, and blind spots are a thing of the past with the ability to view in either full screen or split screen modes. These wireless camera systems are available in 1 or 2 camera configurations, and a transmitter allows the camera and LCD monitor to seamlessly connect wirelessly.

Innovation 2019

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