Fire Research Corporation manufactures several instruments, indicators, and displays for use with pumps, storage tanks, and generators.
TankVision TankVision Pro - The TankVision Pro is the fire industry's first multicolor tank level display. It uses a pressure sensor to sense the amount of liquid in the tank and can be calibrated to accurately display the volume in tanks of all shapes and sizes.
TachP3 TachP3 - The TachP3 is compatible with electronic engines using the J1939 or ISO11898 CAN data communication protocols. It is a compact multi-function digital display that shows engine RPM, engine oil pressure, engine coolant temperature, and battery voltage.
FROG-D 3P FROG-D 3P - The FROG-D 3P is a compact display for three phase generators rated from 10 to 135 kW. This display shows generator frequency (hertz), line voltage (volts) phase to neutral or phase to phase, and the current flow (amps) on each line. It is available for generators with delta or star windings.
FROG-D FROG-D - The FROG-D is a compact display for single phase generators rated from 6 to 45 kW, 120 or 240 volts. It shows generator frequency (hertz), voltage (volts), and the current flow (amps) on two lines. It has a built-in generator hour meter, options for audible alarms, and is available for 50 or 60 Hz generators.


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