The ACT (Always Clear Talking) intercom system from FRC has updated noise cancellation circuitry that essentially eliminates acoustical background noise. The compact control module is separate from the speaker box to provide installation flexibility. Multiple mounting options, simple two-wire connection between stations, and hands-free remote operation make this intercom especially useful for aerial applications. A high level output signal ensures high quality sound even when the wires are routed through the aerial turntable.

The intercom system is designed to meet rescue and fire service requirements for a voice communications system. It is weather-resistant and specifically designed for outside use on apparatus.

The PTT (Push-To-Talk) station is always in receive mode. The PTT button must be pressed to transmit.

The hands free station defaults to transmit mode. To talk on the intercom the operator speaks and the intercom transmits. It will automatically switch to receive mode when another station is transmitting.


  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • High Level Output Signal
  • Hands Free Remote Station (System Option)


Part No Long Description Specs
ICA900-112 Intercom, ACT, 2 station, PTT/HF, 2 speakers .rtf
ICA900-202 Intercom, ACT, 2 station, PTT/PTT, 2 speakers .rtf
ICA900-213 Intercom, ACT, 3 station, PTT/PTT/HF, 3 speakers .rtf
ICA900-303 Intercom, ACT, 3 station, PTT/PTT/PTT, 3 speakers .rtf
Options listed may not be available for all models.

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