INSIGHT ULTIMATE Flowmeter and Pressure Indicators

Pressure gets water to the fire, but it's water flow that puts the fire out! Getting the right flow on the fire is critical. Forget using rule-of-thumb based on variables such as pressure readings, hose size, length, and friction loss. Flowmeters give an exact and immediate measure of the water being used.

The Insight Ultimate is a flowmeter and pressure indicator that displays the flow rate and the pressure at the discharge.

The INSIGHT ULTIMATE digital flowmeter and pressure indicator combines a digital LED flow display and a traditional style electronic pressure indicator into one practical display module. The digital flowmeter is a 4-digit LED display driven by a paddlewheel flow sensor. The pressure indicator is an electronically controlled analog display. A microprocessor controls the needle movement to provide an accurate and steady pressure display. Leakage and freeze-up problems common in mechanical pressure gauges are eliminated.

Backlighting Available with backlighting!

The pressure/flow indicator is able to communicate with other display modules over a datalink. This technology allows for remote displays, the display of flow for multiple discharges (summing), and the totalization of flow for multiple discharges (accumulation). Pressure information is from a pressure sensor and flow rate is provided by a paddlewheel type flow sensor, both are mounted in the discharge. This information is processed and shown on the digital display.


  • Displays GPM and PSI Directly
  • All Aluminum Housing
  • Display Module Identification and Program Access Modes
  • Datalink Interface - allows for remote displays and summing or accumulating of flow from all discharges
  • Linearizer Feature - Multiple Flow Rate Calibration Points
  • Pressure Scale Expands Between 100 and 250 PSI
  • Safeflow Feature - High and Low Flow Warnings
  • NFPA Color Coded Bezel (Optional)
  • External Totalizing Button (Optional)
  • Flow Conditioner (Optional)
  • Backlighting (Optional)
  • Paddlewheel Style Flow Sensor
  • Simple Installation


  • Supply Voltage: 9-30 VDC
  • Supply Current: 1.0 Amp
  • Display Dimensions: 4.25" wide, 4.25" high, 3.4" deep
  • 3.75" panel cutout required


The proper installation of the flow sensor is essential. The final accuracy of the digital flow display will be based on the plumbing choices made at installation. Refer to the Flow Sensor page for more details.


Part No Long Description Specs
INSIGHT ULTIMATE Flowmeter and Pressure Indicators
FPA400-000 Flowmeter, Ultimate, GPM/PSI, Remote Kit .rtf
FPA400-010 Flowmeter, Ultimate, GPM/PSI, 1" pipe .rtf
FPA400-015 Flowmeter, Ultimate, GPM/PSI, 1.5" pipe .rtf
FPA400-020 Flowmeter, Ultimate, GPM/PSI, 2" pipe .rtf
FPA400-025 Flowmeter, Ultimate, GPM/PSI, 2.5" pipe .rtf
FPA400-030 Flowmeter, Ultimate, GPM/PSI, 3" pipe .rtf
FPA400-035 Flowmeter, Ultimate, GPM/PSI, 3.5" pipe .rtf
FPA400-040 Flowmeter, Ultimate, GPM/PSI, 4.0" pipe .rtf
FPA400-050 Flowmeter, Ultimate, GPM/PSI, 5" pipe .rtf
FPA400-060 Flowmeter, Ultimate, GPM/PSI, 6" pipe .rtf
FPA400-080 Flowmeter, Ultimate, GPM/PSI, 8" pipe .rtf
FPA400-120 Flowmeter, Ultimate, GPM/PSI, 12" pipe .rtf
FPA402-000 Flowmeter, Ultimate Backlit, GPM/PSI, Remote Kit .rtf
FPA402-010 Flowmeter, Ultimate Backlit, GPM/PSI, 1" pipe .rtf
FPA402-015 Flowmeter, Ultimate Backlit, GPM/PSI, 1.5" pipe .rtf
FPA402-020 Flowmeter, Ultimate Backlit, GPM/PSI, 2" pipe .rtf
FPA402-025 Flowmeter, Ultimate Backlit, GPM/PSI, 2.5" pipe .rtf
FPA402-030 Flowmeter, Ultimate Backlit, GPM/PSI, 3" pipe .rtf
FPA402-035 Flowmeter, Ultimate Backlit, GPM/PSI, 3.5" pipe .rtf
FPA402-040 Flowmeter, Ultimate Backlit, GPM/PSI, 4.0" pipe .rtf
FPA402-050 Flowmeter, Ultimate Backlit, GPM/PSI, 5" pipe .rtf
FPA402-060 Flowmeter, Ultimate Backlit, GPM/PSI, 6" pipe .rtf
FPA402-080 Flowmeter, Ultimate Backlit, GPM/PSI, 8" pipe .rtf
FPA402-120 Flowmeter, Ultimate Backlit, GPM/PSI, 12" pipe .rtf
FPAoption-AL1 Flow, sensor mount, alum boss, option .rtf
FPAoption-AL2 Flow, sensor mount, alum boss, cond opt. .rtf
FPAoption-C00 Flowmeter, Plus/Ultimate, bezel, chrome, standard .rtf
FPAoption-C01 Flowmeter, Plus/Ultimate, bezel, brown, option .rtf
FPAoption-C02 Flowmeter, Plus/Ultimate, bezel, red, option .rtf
FPAoption-C03 Flowmeter, Plus/Ultimate, bezel, orange, option .rtf
FPAoption-C04 Flowmeter, Plus/Ultimate, bezel, yellow, option .rtf
FPAoption-C05 Flowmeter, Plus/Ultimate, bezel, green, option .rtf
FPAoption-C06 Flowmeter, Plus/Ultimate, bezel, blue, option .rtf
FPAoption-C07 Flowmeter, Plus/Ultimate, bezel, purple, option .rtf
FPAoption-C08 Flowmeter, Plus/Ultimate, bezel, grey, option .rtf
FPAoption-C09 Flowmeter, Plus/Ultimate, bezel, white, option .rtf
FPAoption-C10 Flowmeter, Plus/Ultimate, bezel, black, option .rtf
FPAoption-C11 Flowmeter, Plus/Ultimate, bezel, burgundy, option .rtf
FPAoption-C12 Flowmeter, Plus/Ultimate, bezel, silver, option .rtf
FPAoption-HL1 Flow, sensor mount, Hale flange option N/A
FPAoption-K8 Flow, sensor mount, DF/FP3000 to FPA400 retrofit N/A
FPAoption-PT1 Flow, sensor mount, pipe tee .rtf
FPAoption-PT2 Flow, sensor mount, pipe tee w/ flow conditioner .rtf
FPAoption-SC1 Flow, sensor mount, saddle clamp .rtf
FPAoption-SC2 Flow, sensor mount, saddle clamp w/ conditioner .rtf
FPAoption-SC3 Flow sensor mount, saddle clamp, CL1 neck down N/A
FPAoption-SS1 Flow, sensor mount, stainless weldment .rtf
FPAoption-SS2 Flow, sensor mount, stainless w/ conditioner .rtf
FPAoption-ST1 Flow, sensor mount, steel weldment .rtf
FPAoption-ST2 Flow, sensor mount, steel w/ flow conditioner .rtf
FPAoption-WA1 Flow sensor mount, Waterous adapter N/A
FPAoption-WA2 Flow sensor mount, Waterous adapter, flow cond. N/A
Options listed may not be available for all models.