The SPECTRA HR was specifically designed to illuminate the face of a high-rise building and at the same time, the ground area in front of a fire apparatus responding in an emergency situation. Each 28,000 lumen Spectra HR achieves this illumination without lamp adjustment.


  • Spectra HR utilizes two (2) distinct groups of lenses: Upper Group and Lower Group.
    • The Upper Group is designed so each lens projects wide beams of light at different angles to cover the entire vertical face of the building as shown.
    • The Lower Group is designed to illuminate the ground ahead of the apparatus.
  • 72 ultra-bright white LEDS - 34 for the Upper Group and 38 for the Lower Group.
  • Adjustable, pivoting mounting arm with a round, sturdy, reinforced knurled locking knob
  • Sure-Grip molded handle ensures reliable grip every time and keeps handle cool to the touch
  • Choose from the standard white bezel or the optional chrome or black bezels
  • Choice of Pole or Tripod mount with or without a switch.
  • Lamp head measures 14″ W x 3 ¾″ D x 5 ⅜″ H
  • Available in both 12/24 VDC and 120/240 VDC, with or without a switch.
  • UL certification


Part No Long Description Specs
SPA100-D28 LED Scenelgt,SPECTRA HR,DC 28k lm,lamphead .rtf
SPA100-E28 LED Scenelgt,SPECTRA HR,120VAC 28k lm,lamphead .rtf
SPA100-F28 LED Scenelgt,SPECTRA HR,240VAC 28k lm,lamphead .rtf
SPA510option-SW Scenelgt, Twist-Lock, hazard switch, SPA510, option .rtf
SPA512option-SW Scenelgt, Twist-Lock, hazard switch, SPA512, option .rtf
SPA530option-SW Scenelgt, Twist-Lock, hazard switch, SPA530, option .rtf
SPA540option-SW Scenelgt, Twist-Lock, hazard switch, SPA540, option .rtf
SPAMAXSoption-ON Scenelgt, SPECTRA MAX-S, on/off switch, under lamp, opt N/A
SPAoption-603 Scenelgt, Twist-Lock, tripod mtg bracket, option .rtf
SPAoption-603D Scenelgt, Twist-Lock, tripod mtg bracket, dual, opt .rtf
SPAoption-B Scenelgt, Twist-Lock, bracket SM 5", option .rtf
SPAoption-BOB Scenelgt, SPECTRA, Black bezel on black back option N/A
SPAoption-BOW Scenelgt, SPECTRA, Black bezel on white back option N/A
SPAoption-C Scenelgt, Twist-Lock, bracket SM 7", option .rtf
SPAoption-CL Scenelgt, Twist-Lock, custom pole length, add 10%, opt .rtf
SPAoption-COW Scenelgt, SPECTRA, Chrome bezel on white back option N/A
SPAoption-F Scenelgt, Twist-Lock, bracket flush mount, option .rtf
SPAoption-NS Scenelgt, Twist-Lock, no scratch kit w/o rubber bumpers .rtf
SPAoption-ON Scenelgt, SPECTRA, on/off switch, under lamphead, opt .rtf
SPAoption-P1 Scenelgt, SPECTRA, NEMA 5-15 straight (addl) N/A
SPAoption-P2 Scenelgt, SPECTRA, NEMA L5-20 3prong option N/A
SPAoption-P3 Scenelgt, SPECTRA, NEMA L5-15 3prong (STD on 6xx) N/A
SPAoption-P4 Scenelgt, SPECTRA, NEMA L14-30 twist plug option N/A
SPAoption-P5 Scenelgt, SPECTRA, Fire Power plug option N/A
SPAoption-P6 Scenelgt, SPECTRA, NEMA L6-20 twist plug option N/A
SPAoption-P7 Scenelgt, SPECTRA, NEMA L6-30 twist plug option N/A
SPAoption-SR Scenelgt, Twist-Lock, bracket, steady rest, option .rtf
SPAoption-ST Scenelgt, Twist-Lock, 10" outer pole, option .rtf
SPAoption-TW Scenelgt, Twist-Lock, ext cord retractile, top, option .rtf
Options listed may not be available for all models.