Fire Research Corporation manufactures flowmeters and pressure indicators specifically designed for use on fire apparatus and in the fire services.
DataTron DataTron FlowTester - The FTC200 DataTron is a 4-channel, portable sampling Flow and Pressure Meter for GPM/LPM (Flow) and kPa/PSI (Pressure) display. Each of the four channels works independently to measure and record flow/pressure data using paddlewheel and pressure sensors. Calibration data is stored internally in the paddlewheel flow sensors for each of the flow tubes. Data can be recorded as either a quick "snap-shot" in Manual Mode, or by setting the time interval for each session and number of recorded events in Automatic Mode. Effortlessly retrieve data either through USB memory stick or via the USB cable to your computer.
Insight Plus Insight Plus - The Insight Plus is an all digital flow and pressure indicator that displays the flow rate and the pressure at the discharge. Compatible with all other Insight offerings. Offers sum and accumulation capabilities via FRC data link.
Insight Ultimate Insight Ultimate - The Insight Ultimate combines a digital flowmeter and traditional style pressure indicator on one compact display. The electronic pressure indicator eliminates freeze-up and leakage problems found in traditional liquid filled gauges. A microprocessor controls the needle movement and allows for a unique pressure scale that expands the 50-250 psi region for more accurate readings in the most commonly used range.
Insight Flowmeter Insight - The Insight Digital flowmeter is compact and built rugged. This hi-tech indicating device is specifically designed for use on fire apparatus where flows are often turbulent and unsteady. A unique calibration program (set-up via push button control) helps ensure accurate flow readings. The Insight flowmeter will show accurate flow rate in GPM or LPM. When the TOTAL button is pressed it will show the total flow in gallons or liters.
Portable FlowTester Portable FlowTester - The Portable FlowTester is available for flow or flow and pressure testing. It will display flow rate directly in GPM or LPM. FlowTesters can be set-up for pressure testing in psi, kPa, or bar. Use it to calibrate fire suppression equipment, test pump effectiveness, test hydrant flows, and teach hydraulics. It is programmable to be used with multiple flow tubes of different diameters.
Paddlewheel Flow Sensor Flow Sensor Mounting Options - The paddlewheel flow sensor is mounted into a plumbing system so that only the paddles extend into the flow. The paddlewheel is free spinning, requires no maintenance, and is resistant to damage from debris in the flow.

Saddle Clamp There are several ways to mount a paddlewheel flow sensor. A saddle clamp is a typical mount, others include weldments, pipe tees, and third party or custom adapters. Each mount is designed to meet particular plumbing requirements. For best results choose the correct mount and mounting location.

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