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Click on the manual title to open the newest revision of the manual. Standard manuals include product description and specifications, installation, operation, calibration, and programming procedures. Lighting products have separate safety summary and installation sheets.
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For use where remote engine control and monitoring is needed.
  • PBA400 991k
    PUMPBOSS Pressure Governor and Display: Dual 600 psi pressure sensors, one for pump intake and one for pump discharge.
  • PBA200 966k
    PUMPBOSS Pressure Governor and Display: Single 300 psi pressure sensor for pump discharge.
  • TGA300/TGA400 1.4M
    INCONTROL Pressure Governor, Engine Monitoring, and Master Pressure Display
  • TCA100 1.1M
    TOTAL CONTROL Pressure Governor, Engine Monitoring, and Master Pressure Display
  • TCA200 1.9M
    TOTAL CONTROL Pressure Governor, Engine Monitoring, and Master Pressure Display
  • ELA200 817k
    THROTTLEXCEL Remote Engine Throttle, Monitoring, and Display Panel
  • PRA300 1.2M
    PRO T Pressure Governor, Engine Monitoring, and Master Pressure Display
  • FRA100 283k
    FROG Generator Governor and Display


For use with pumps, storage tanks, generators, and more.
  • WLA300/WLA400 3.6M
    TANKVISION PRO Tank Indicator
  • WL400-SPEC 190k
    Pressure/Vacuum Foam Tank Vent Specification
  • WL400-INSTALL 154k
    Pressure/Vacuum Foam Tank Vent Installation
  • TPA600 349k
    TACHP3 J1939/ISO11898 Multi-Function Digital Display
  • FDA700 490k
    FROG-D 3P Three Phase Generator Display
  • FDA100 441k
    FROG-D Generator Display


Flowmeters and pressure indicators specifically designed for use on fire apparatus.
  • FTC200 4.72M
    DATATRON Portable Sampling Flow & Pressure Meter
  • FPA500 1.1M
    INSIGHT PLUS Digital Pressure and Flow Indicator
  • FPA400 1.1M
    INSIGHT ULTIMATE Digital Flowmeter and Electronic Pressure Indicator
  • DFA400 1.1M
    INSIGHT Digital Flowmeter
  • FTA400 611k
    INSIGHT Portable Flow Tester
  • FTA500 623k
    INSIGHT Portable Flow and Pressure Tester
  • PDA400 472k
    Traditional Style Electronic Pressure Indicator


For use with pumps, storage tanks, and more.

seat monitor

The Seat Monitor and Data Acquisition System.
  • SBA1GD 2.2M
    General Description: overall system information
  • SBA1HM 2.9M
    Hardware Manual: hardware specifications, mounting instructions, and wiring
  • SBA1UG 1.7M
    User Guide: HAWK software installation, set-up, and how to instructions for the data management software
  • SBA2DC 1.1k
    Data Collector Manual: instructions on using the FRC portable data collector


For the apparatus to promote a safer working environment.
  • MSA100 1.7M
    MANSAVER Bars Manual
  • MSA110 234k
    MANSAVER Bar Sheet
  • MSA150 138k
    MANSAVER Bar Cover Replacement
  • MSA600 84k
    SAFETYGATE and Stanchion; Material Specifications and Illustrations


Meet the demanding needs of rescue and fire service personnel for two or three-way communication.


Video monitors, Camera Systems and Recording (Telematics) for the emergency and fire apparatus.


Apparatus lighting with multiple lamphead styles, mounting options, and bulbs including LEDs. The following are specific for FRC Spectra, Evolution, Optimum, Radiant, and Focus scene lighting products. The following are specific sheets for FRC lighting options.

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FEMSA Personal Responsibility Code (PDF file)

FEMSA The member companies of FEMSA that provide emergency response equipment and services want responders to know and understand this Personal Responsibility Code.

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