PUMPBOSS MAX w/ Dual Sensors

PumpBoss Max is designed with new technology to improve the governor's overall performance, make it easier to use, and provide exciting new features. It utilizes a large high resolution Vivid Impact™ LCD display for effortless navigation. The improved highly tactile buttons and larger control knob with bigger IDLE button combine to make gloved operation easier than ever.

With its high contrast and rugged design, the PumpBoss Max LCD display is highly visible in sunlight and engineered to perform in extreme temperatures. A custom Graphic User Interface delivers real-time, detailed pump and engine information. Operation is easier and more intuitive with the large readout and graphical symbols.

There are two models of PumpBoss Max. The dual sensor model monitors both the pump intake and discharge pressure, providing improved defense against pump cavitation.


  • Large, impact resistant 3.5" (89 mm) LCD screen for unmatched durability and high-resolution Vivid Impact™ display delivers high visibility in sunlight
  • Displays and LEDs intensity automatically adjusts for day or night operation
  • Programmable PRESET settings
  • Large Idle button
  • Dual discharge and intake pressure sensors for safer operation
  • No pressure or RPM variation when changing operation modes
  • Always starts in Pressure Mode at idle RPM
  • Recognition of no water condition with automatic response
  • Limits increase of pressure to a maximum of 30 psi (2 BAR) when in RPM mode
  • On-screen diagnostic and troubleshooting capability
  • Check Engine, Stop Engine, Warning and Alarm icons on display
  • Dedicated message display bar show error and warning information


Part No Long Description Specs
PUMPBOSS MAX w/ Dual Sensors
PBA500-A00 Pres gov, PUMPBOSS MAX,dual,Generic, PSI, F, 12V .rtf
PBA501-D00 Pres gov, PUMPBOSS MAX,dual,Cummins J1989, PSI, F, 12V .rtf
PBA502-C00 Pres gov, PUMPBOSS MAX,dual,DDEC, J1939, F, 12V .rtf
PBA504-C00 Pres gov, PUMPBOSS MAX,dual,Nav-MaxxF 11&13, PSI, F .rtf
PBA504-D00 Pres gov, PUMPBOSS MAX,dual,Nav-MaxxForce, PSI, F .rtf
PBA505-B00 Pres gov, PUMPBOSS MAX,dual,Cat, J1939, PSI, F, 12V .rtf
PBA506-C00 Pres gov, PUMPBOSS MAX,dual,Ford 6.7L, PSI, F, 12V, 11+ .rtf
PBA507-B00 Pres gov, PUMPBOSS MAX,dual,Mack, J1939, PSI, F, 12V .rtf
PBA508-B05 Pres gov, PUMPBOSS MAX,dual,Scania PRT, Bar, C, 24V .rtf
PBA510-A00 Pres gov, PUMPBOSS MAX,dual,Merc, PSI, F, 12V .rtf
PBA510-D00 Pres gov, PUMPBOSS MAX,dual, Merc, J1939, PSI, F, 12V .rtf
PBA516-D00 Pres gov, PUMPBOSS MAX,dual,John Deere,J1939,PSI,F, 12V .rtf
PBA524-A00 Pres gov, PUMPBOSS MAX,dual,MAN, J1939, PSI, F, 12V .rtf
PBA500-A10 Pres gov, PUMPBOSS MAX, Generic, PSI, F, 12V .rtf
PBA501-D10 Pres gov, PUMPBOSS MAX,Cummins J1989, PSI, F, 12V .rtf
PBA502-C10 Pres gov, PUMPBOSS MAX,DDEC, J1939, F, 12V .rtf
PBA504-C10 Pres gov, PUMPBOSS MAX,Nav-MaxxF 11&13, PSI, F .rtf
PBA504-D10 Pres gov, PUMPBOSS MAX,Nav-MaxxForce, PSI, F .rtf
PBA505-B10 Pres gov, PUMPBOSS MAX,Cat, J1939, PSI, F, 12V .rtf
PBA506-C10 Pres gov, PUMPBOSS MAX, Ford 6.7L, PSI, F, 12V, 2011+ .rtf
PBA507-B10 Pres gov, PUMPBOSS MAX,Mack, J1939, PSI, F, 12V .rtf
PBA508-B15 Pres gov, PUMPBOSS MAX,Scania PRT, Bar, C, 24V .rtf
PBA510-A10 Pres gov, PUMPBOSS MAX, Merc, PSI, F, 12V .rtf
PBA510-D10 Pres gov, PUMPBOSS MAX, Merc, J1939, PSI, F, 12V .rtf
PBA516-D10 Pres gov, PUMPBOSS MAX, John Deere,J1939,PSI,F, 12V .rtf
PBA524-A10 Pres gov, PUMPBOSS MAX, MAN, J1939, PSI, F, 12V .rtf
PUMP BOSS - Options
PBAoption-JM1 Pres gov, PUMPBOSS, Interm. Ford 6C opt., 2011-16 .rtf
PBAoption-JM2 Pres gov, PUMPBOSS, Interm. Ford 6C opt., 2017-22 .rtf
PBAoption-JM3 Pres gov, PUMPBOSS, Interm. Ford 6C opt., 2023-up N/A
PBAoption-Z1 Pres gov, PUMPBOSS, buzzer, audible alarm option .rtf
Options listed may not be available for all models.