INSIGHT Flowmeters

The Insight flowmeters are specifically designed for use on fire apparatus where flowing water is often turbulent and unsteady. This hi-tech indicating device is compact to take up minimal panel space and built rugged to withstand the conditions found at fire scenes today.


  • Displays GPM Directly
  • Push Button Totalizer (Displays the total gallons flowed since pumping began.)
  • All Aluminum Housing
  • Paddlewheel Style Flow Sensor
  • FRC Datalink Interface
  • Internal Micro-Processor
  • Supply Voltage: 9-30 VDC
  • Supply Current: 0.5 Amp
  • Simple Installation
  • Display Dimensions: 3.26" wide x 3.25" high, 2.72" panel cutout required
  • Linearizer Feature - allows for calibration at multiple flow rates
  • Safeflow Feature - preset excessive and inadequate flow warning settings
  • FRC Datalink - allows for remote displays and summing or accumulating of flow from all discharges
  • Push Button Calibration - accessed from the front of the display so yearly checks (if required by your department) are easier to perform.


  • All Insight displays are the same and can be set to display the flow rate for any diameter pipe by using the push-buttons located on the front of the display.
  • An Insight display directly connected to the sensor is called the primary display.
  • An Insight display that shows the same flow as the primary is the remote display. Connecting a remote display to FRC datalink cable and then configure it to match the primary through the push-button interface.
  • An Insight display configured to show the actual flow rate of several discharges is called a summing display. Connect an Insight display to the datalink and then configure it as a summing display through the push-button interface.
  • An Insight display configured to show the total accumulated flow rate through several discharges is called an accumulating display. Connect an Insight display to the datalink and then configure it as an acculumating display through the push-button interface.
  • Calibration of the Insight to a known reference can be performed by using the push-buttons located on the front of the display.
  • All flow sensors are paddlewheel type.


The proper installation of the flow sensor is essential. The final accuracy of the digital flow display will be based on the plumbing choices made at installation. Refer to the Flow Sensor page for more details.


Part No Long Description Specs
INSIGHT Flowmeters
DFA400-000 Flowmeter, InSight, remote display kit .rtf
DFA400-010 Flowmeter, InSight, 1" pipe .rtf
DFA400-015 Flowmeter, InSight, 1.5" pipe .rtf
DFA400-020 Flowmeter, InSight, 2" pipe .rtf
DFA400-025 Flowmeter, InSight, 2.5" pipe .rtf
DFA400-030 Flowmeter, InSight, 3" pipe .rtf
DFA400-035 Flowmeter, InSight, 3.5" pipe .rtf
DFA400-040 Flowmeter, InSight, 4" pipe .rtf
DFA400-050 Flowmeter, InSight, 5" pipe .rtf
DFA400-060 Flowmeter, InSight, 6" pipe .rtf
DFA400-080 Flowmeter, InSight, 8" pipe .rtf
DFA400-120 Flowmeter, InSight, 12" pipe .rtf
INSIGHT - Options
DFAoption-AL1 Flow sensor mount, alum boss .rtf
DFAoption-AL2 Flow sensor mount, alum boss flow cond. .rtf
DFAoption-C00 Flowmeter, Insight, bezel, chrome, standard .rtf
DFAoption-C01 Flowmeter, Insight, bezel, brown .rtf
DFAoption-C02 Flowmeter, Insight, bezel, red .rtf
DFAoption-C03 Flowmeter, Insight, bezel, orange .rtf
DFAoption-C04 Flowmeter, Insight, bezel, yellow .rtf
DFAoption-C05 Flowmeter, Insight, bezel, green .rtf
DFAoption-C06 Flowmeter, Insight, bezel, blue .rtf
DFAoption-C07 Flowmeter, Insight, bezel, purple .rtf
DFAoption-C08 Flowmeter, Insight, bezel, grey .rtf
DFAoption-C09 Flowmeter, Insight, bezel, white .rtf
DFAoption-C10 Flowmeter, Insight, bezel, black .rtf
DFAoption-C11 Flowmeter, Insight, bezel, burgundy .rtf
DFAoption-C12 Flowmeter, Insight, bezel, silver .rtf
DFAoption-HL1 Flow sensor mount, Hale spacer adapter N/A
DFAoption-K6 Flow sensor mount, GF series to DFA400 retrofit N/A
DFAoption-K7 Flow sensor mount, DF3000 to DFA400 retrofit N/A
DFAoption-PT1 Flow sensor mount, pipe tee .rtf
DFAoption-PT2 Flow sensor mount, pipe tee, flow cond. .rtf
DFAoption-SC1 Flow sensor mount, saddle clamp, standard .rtf
DFAoption-SC2 Flow sensor mount, saddle clamp, flow cond. .rtf
DFAoption-SC3 Flow sensor mount, saddle clamp, CL1 neck down N/A
DFAoption-SS1 Flow sensor mount, SS boss .rtf
DFAoption-SS2 Flow sensor mount, SS boss, flow cond. .rtf
DFAoption-ST1 Flow sensor mount, steel boss .rtf
DFAoption-ST2 Flow sensor mount, steel boss, flow cond. .rtf
DFAoption-WA1 Flow sensor mount, Waterous adapter N/A
DFAoption-WA2 Flow sensor mount, Waterous adapter, flow cond. N/A
Options listed may not be available for all models.