Fire Research Corporation manufactures accessories for the apparatus that are specifically designed to promote a safer working environment.
Safer Search Device Safer Search Device System - This system aides in conducting team searches when conditions such as building construction, layout, and/or inherent hazards are beyond the scope of the ordinary search techniques. It includes a search rope with direction and distance markers every 25 feet, a stuff bag, and the Safer Search Device (SSD) that slides along the rope and automatically locks in place. The SSD has attachment loops for tag lines, to provide connection point for multiple rope operations, or to secure a tie off point.
ManSaver Bar ManSaver Bar - The ManSaver is a padded safety bar that helps safeguard the elevated walk-through area on top mount pumps. The ManSaver bar operates in two directions to allow access to the area, inward or up. It is spring loaded so that it always returns to a horizontal closed position with no hooks or clips to latch or harnesses to buckle.
Platform Bar - The Platform Bar is a ManSaver bar with no padding or vinyl cover.
Bench Seat Safety Bar Bench Seat Safety Bar - The Bench Seat Safety Bar is a variation of the ManSaver for use at the end of bench seats in ambulances and rescues. For these applications, the bar only operates up and down. It is available with an option that allows the bar to be pinned in the upright position.
Aerial Bar Aerial Bar - This is a unpadded ManSaver bar with a stainless steel u-shaped loop welded to the bottom. Use the aerial bar at the entrance to the basket where the ladder leads down to the elevated turntable.
Toll Plaza Safety Gate Safety Gate for Toll Plazas - The Safety Gate incorporates standard ManSaver bar mounted on a stanchion design to help safeguard toll plaza personnel in cross walks. The Safety Gate includes a base for the stanchion that makes it easy to install.
SkullSaver SkullSaver - This is the original KEEP BACK ladder cover also available with a reflective American Flag design. Protect firefighters from the hazard of protruding ladder ends at the rear of apparatus.
JackStrap JackStrap - The JackStrap is designed to help prevent fire hose from inadvertently coming off the apparatus while responding to or returning from an incident.
The JackStrap is used to help carry or pull the hose, it helps secure the hose to a hydrant when laying hose.
View the JackStrap video to see it in action.


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