Radiant ECO Lampheads
Radiant ECO Lamphead

Radiant ECO LED lampheads output an impressive range of super bright white light in a variety of models. Choose from 15,000 lumens of light in an Asymmetrical or Symmetrical lens.

Radiant ECO LED lampheads provide you with a high intensity lamp head available in DC or AC power, ideal for new installs and LED upgrades. Affordable and easy to retrofit available in two options:

  • Asymmetrical lens illuminating the work area and objects at a farther distance.
  • Symmetrical lens directs flood lighting evenly onto the work area in a cone shape while focusing a spotlight beam into the distance.

Radiant series LED lampheads can be ordered without a mount. An adjustable mounting arm allows the lamphead to pivot up and down. The arm has 3/4" NPT threads for installing the lamphead onto a lighting fixture. The three wires for power extend out the bottom of the mounting arm.

Radiant series LED lampheads are available with all FRC pole, top and fixed mounting configurations.

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Lamphead Only FRC Telescopic Poles
Telescopic Pole

Top Mount Pull-Up
Telescopic Pole

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Telescopic Pole

Side Mount Push-Up
Telescopic Pole

Side Mount Pull-Up
Telescopic Pole

Side Mount Pull-Up
Fixed Mounts
Radiant Fixed Top Mount

Fixed Top Mount
Radiant Fixed Side Mount

Fixed Side Mount
Tripod Telescopic Poles
Tripod Telescopic Pole

Full Tripod Telescopic Pole
Tripod Telescopic Pole

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