The TurboFoam is a direct injection foam proportioning system that is available in several models with a variety of features. All models are for use with Class A and Class B foam concenterates.
This 2013 catalog includes information on system components, specifications, plumbing configurations, options, and ordering instructions for the TurboFoam Direct Injection Foam Proportioning System.

Six Pump Sizes

The TurboFoam system is designed around the foam concentrate pump. Six pump sizes are available for 12 and 24 volt systems.

1.6 GPM
2.6 GPM
3.5 GPM
5.0 GPM
6.2 GPM
6.5 GPM

Match the pump size required with any one of the four control models to customize the perfect system.
TurbooFoam TFC100 Models - The TFC100 models are for use with a single foam tank. A single 4-digit display and four LED indicators provide system information to the operator. A mode button is used to toggle the display to view foam percent, water flow, or flow totaling.
TurbooFoam TFC200 Models - The TFC200 models are for use with a single foam tank. The TFC200 models are for use with two foam tanks when the optional manual ABF* selector is installed.
TurbooFoam TFC300 Models - The TFC300 models are for use with a single foam tank and include a valve to provide electronic flush control. A flush button with LED indicator is added to operate the flush valve.
TurbooFoam TFC400 Models - The TFC400 models are for use with two foam tanks and include the 3-valve electric ABF* selector to provide automatic flush control and electronic A or B tank selection. A flush button with LED indicator and A/B button with foam A and foam B indicator LEDs are added to operate the ABF* selector.
TurbooFoam TurboFoam Components - The basic system includes a control module, the foam concentrate pump, a flow sensor, and miscellaneous plumbing components. Systems with two foam tank include an ABF* selector valve.
*(ABF) (A foam, B foam, F flush)

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General Operation

A video is available which describes how to operate the TurboFoam system.

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