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The PRO-T governor and engine panel

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

An important item to consider when planning equipment for a new vehicle purchase is whether the new equipment will require operator retraining. This is particularly true for pressure governors on pumpers. FRC’s PRO governor set the standard in 1992 and was accepted and widely used in the industry for 20 years. The new PRO-T Panel provides a governor interface and engine panel display that operators can be immediately comfortable with, all built with the latest technology and safety features.

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LittleGuy – The Robotic Fire Apparatus

Friday, October 7th, 2011

A battery powered, self-contained, radio controlled, track driven motor vehicle. It will fit through almost any 32 inch doorway. It can climb over debris and even up a few stairs. It will be capable of holding and laying 800 to 1,000 feet of 5 inch fire hose.

The deck gun has a 1,000 GPM Elkhart radio controlled monitor. The cart section has a self-contained remote quick disconnect to eliminate any hang-up problems in case the vehicle has to be returned to the starting position.

The 400 lbs weight includes lighting, infrared sensors, a self protection nozzle, and HAZMAT detection. A cutting system will also be added which will add a few lbs.

The unit is designed to be picked up and placed on a roof by rated aerial platform.


Spectra LED and Evolution LED released

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Information about new LED High Intensity scene lighting by Fire Research is now available on the Lighting page. EVOLUTION LEDs build on the success of the FOCUS Quartz Halogen with their characteristic light pattern, but updated for LED. The SPECTRA line is of an entirely new design which aims to maximize the power of its LEDs while providing enhanced work area visibility as well as illuminating objects at a farther distance. These new lampheads are available on a wide variety of telescopic pole, fixed, and portable mounts listed on their respective product pages.

There are many more new product offerings in LED lighting available including the SPECTRA 900 Designed specifically for Ambulance and Emergency Response Vehicles, the FIREFLY surface mount compartment light, and the SUNSTRIP LED strip lighting.

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Total Control: an affordable world class governor

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

FRC is pleased to announce the release of the Total Control fire pump governor. The Total Control pump pressure governor and all in one instrument panel is the most advanced and highest quality controller of its kind you can buy. We’ve worked hard to build in all the features you’ve come to expect in such a critical piece of equipment like reliability, ease of use, safety features, clear controls, and durability. But you don’t have to pay more to get the best. The Total Control is now the most competitively priced complete governor system available today to the fire industry!

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New FROG D for 3 phase generators!

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

The FDA700 has been released to replace the FDA300 series Generator Displays for Three Phase. Some color coding on the display face has been added to make the device easier to read and operate, but the main improvements in the new model have to do with making installation and service easier.

In the FDA300 series all sensor connections had to made at the back of the display which meant installers had to run (usually long) sensor cables from the distribution panel all the way to wherever the display was mounted for each sensor. The FDA700 comes with a separate signal interface module which can be remotely mounted closer to the sensors and transformers. While the new series is actually programmable, FRC offers the device pre-programmed to ease ordering. Installers should be aware that field programming is possible in the case of a customer change order or for replacement purposes.

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